A hard hitting truth jumped up and smacked me in the soul last week…

I have experienced emotional blocks around honouring masculine energy. Or, in the very least understanding it.

For as long as I can remember I have been so focussed on honouring the divine feminine, tuning into the importance of female empowerment and surrounding myself with pink, sparkly, energy that I ignored and honestly poo-pooed the divine masculine in both myself and others around me.

When I had my ‘lightbulb moment’ with this I knew that I needed to start shifting some beliefs in order to be a better wife to my husband, a better mother to my 13-year old son and a better mother to my two daughters.

Here are 5 Ways to Embrace Masculine Energy That Will Transform Your Relationship With Men…

1. Release your patterning and let go of the blocks

The emotional patterning of not honouring masculine energy has been heavily sculpted by my mother (love you Mum) that has ‘suffered’ and ‘put up’ with men for her entire life. She taught me how to roll my eyes, not trust men very much and on a subtle level think that they are stupid or could do something stupid at any given moment. Ouch! Now this is very real and raw to share, but it’s my hope that this new level of awareness will invite a new space for conscious understanding to unfold.  I’ve always accepted men into my life on a closer level that embodied the more ‘softer’ feminine qualities and really, this is kind of bullshit.

Once I saw that even the most subtle patterns within me to block masculine energy were there, I wanted to free myself of it immediately. 

Affirmation: I now support, cherish and acknowledge that men and women are different. Their innate energy must be honoured and I lovingly let go of all pre-conditioning from my past. Allow people to be who they are.

2. Honour the required masculine/feminine balance in your relationship and within yourself

I love men. Particularly, especially and unequivocally my man – he’s my magpie. However, the survival of the strength of our relationship is dependent on a very important element I feel like I have overlooked – the balance of our divine masculine and feminine energy. I’m now looking for ways to support and assist ways that masculine energy can thrive within our union. And my husband honours the feminine energy within me that is allowed space to be freely expressed. We are committed to creating the perfect flow. 

Affirmation: I allow space for divine masculine and feminine energy to flow freely as a true expression of our souls and our love.

3. Celebrate the differences. Party like it’s 1999

Yes, men are from Mars and women are from Venus but the contrast MUST be celebrated in order to be understood. Instead of condemning or demonising things or concepts you don’t understand, try and be compassionate and value the perspective your man is sharing. Sometimes they are clues to a whole new realm of beautiful possibilities and experiences you could share with one another.

Affirmation: I see you. All of you. I honour you no matter what. I’m all in. 

4. Don’t be bound by definitions or ‘shoulds’

Be prepared to re-wire what you THINK a man is and how you think he SHOULD behave. There are an infinite amount of ways that divine masculine energy can manifest in your life.

Affirmation: I freely allow my man to choose his own outlets of masculine expression. It’s not my place to restrict his energetic growth. Being ‘manly’ is not up to me to define.

5. Praise, acknowledgement and making him feel significant mean everything

I read this beautiful line from Danielle Laporte’s most recent post: ‘Men work better if you enjoy them.’ And I think this is such profound truth.

Men love praise – they love to feel valued. In fact, this is definitely not bound by gender. Everyone loves to feel significant to their partner or significant others. If you see him doing something that embodies his true essence, tell him, praise him and love him for it.

Making your lover certain they are number 1 in your world will make your foundations rock solid and all the sweeter.

Affirmation: My privilege is to honour my man, and appreciate the way he honours me in our relationship.

Now my loves, tell me what you’re feelings are about this. Tell me how masculine energy is allowed to manifest in your life and the ways it is used for the growth of your spirit and union. xo

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  2. Thank you for this! Hits home. For so long I only embraced the divine feminine to empower me and I had a negative view of men in general due to passed experiences. All of my serious relationships ended in their infidelty. I was raised by a single mother who was both codependent and self-sufficient and has been single for 25+years. I am also single and raising a son; which, thankfully his father is very involved. One night, while meditating, it finally hit me, I needed to embrace the divine masculine within me and draw from that strength in order to be balanced and grounded. I finally understood what was meant by inviting gthe Lord into your heart (as well as the lady,) because the divine presence will flow thru you only if you invite it. This was also representative of the numbers 10:10. Balanced individually and on opposite sides. This is true partnership. I chose partners that enforced my subconscious beliefs about the opposite gender. Through this acceptance, I have also learned how to be confident in learning “Man Chores,” like fixing the car, mowing the lawn, cutting firewood, solo camping, learning how to shoot, things I’ve never done before. I would overcompensate to my partner by sacrifing my own self care to do their daily responsibilities in hopes that they would love me and return the favor by doing the stuff I couldn’t do; then resenting them for not doing it (if they said they would,) and not being as overly giving as me. that is not really giving, it’s toxic. It’s also not their problem, it was mine. Set up that boundary and let people be responsible for themselves. Too often, we tell people what they should do instead of letting us choose our own paths. I have learned how to manage a household and play both mom and dad, especially with a little help from my friends. Our love and giving is reciprocal. Our qualities can either be strengths or weaknesses. We must celebrate our diversity. And in bettering ourselves and understanding, we benefit and better others. 🙂

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