Our bodies are the beautiful vessels that contain and carry our souls throughout life. They teach us how to pay attention to our environment, our relationships, our overall wellness, and how to thrive on a day-to-day basis. Some of us LOVE our bodies, some of us tolerate our bodies, but sadly there are many of us that just downright hate our bodies as well. We want them to be different in some way – perhaps a different shape, texture, size, and the list goes on. Striving to make peace with our physicality can be a life-long spiritual journey but the bottom line is this…

Loving your body (or in the least feeling grateful for the way it serves you) is honoring your soul and honoring the Universe for trusting you to live life though the magnificent vessel that you are.

If we live in a state of rejecting a major part of who we are, we then end up blocking our flow of energy as we move throughout life. We teach our children to be self-conscious and that they aren’t worthy enough to live life to their fullest potential. We literally stifle the willingness to be open to all possibilities. By shining a light on our body issues we actually help to lift the burden. As a society we MUST promote more self acceptance and body confidence, otherwise there will be millions of people pushing the self destruct button because they never feel like they are enough.

Last week I did something that I never thought I would do. Now this might sound a little crazy to you, but at nearly 37 years old I had MY VERY FIRST PEDICURE. Why did it take me so long? Because I was scared of the energy.

Let me explain a little further…

My feet kind of look like doll’s feet and I’ve always felt self-conscious of my puffy little tootsies. I decided to flip this to gratitude: my feet hold me up and they carry me through life. During the pedicure my feet LOVED being massaged and pampered. In fact the lady that was working on my feet said she could feel how much my toes were responding to the treatment. The reason I’d always avoided pedicures was because I held the belief for so long that I would take on board the feelings and weird vibrations in some negative way. Also, I never saw my mother go for pedicures because she doesn’t like people touching her feet without it freaking her out.

It’s these little bullshit rules that we carry around with us through life that can prevent us from experiencing so much joy. I believe my silly ‘spiritual snobbery’ rules were a clever smokescreen for my lack of feeling worthy enough to take care of myself.

The truth was that my judgement was getting in the way. I was choosing FEAR over LOVE and missing out on decades of foot love. It got me thinking about the other areas in my life that I block the flow of abundance. After all, our beliefs are the gatekeepers to our life experience. We can either approach everything with an open or closed heart and that will determine the fulfillment we allow ourselves to be involved in during our lives.

I’ve been anorexic, bulimic, struggling to lose the baby weight, riddled with loose skin, stretch marks, and the list goes on. In all honestly I have been out of my body for most of my adult life, but I’m thankful to now be aware that’s not the way I want to continue to play the game.  Because here’s the thing…

Being spiritually integrated means that all three elements (mind, body, spirit) of my being are working together to run the show. If I deny the existence of one of those important elements it creates imbalance and discord. I said to my husband yesterday that you couldn’t pay me enough money to want to be in my twenties again. What I know for sure is that the older I get, the more comfortable and accepting I am of my perceived (usually self-perceived) “flaws”. In fact, they’re not flaws at all because that would imply that something is less than perfect or “wrong”. The bumps, lines, lumps and wobbly bits all tell a story. It’s my temple, and it’s now time to rise up and take care of myself in the form of pedicures, massages, regular hair visits and other delicious forms of pampering because I AM WORTHY and so are you.

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