Do you see a rainbow as a sign of alignment that the Universe is giving you a message? If you do, it’s more than likely you are a person that allows your soul to be nourished by color.

If you believe in the Law of Attraction then you’ll already know that we live in an ‘ocean of motion’. Absolutely everything in this beautiful Universe is vibrating at a certain frequency and attracting the predominant energy of that offering. To put it very simply, if you FEEL abundant, you will attract abundance. Many of the desires we have can correlate to a particular color. For instance, as spiritual beings the chakras within our etheric body range in colors and represent a different aspect to our entire body/mind/spirit complex.

The 3 most useful tools in the manifesting process are thought, light and color. Each of these elements oscillate at a certain frequency. When you tune into the hue that you adore, then you’ll start to notice a lightness in your soul and can use it to your metaphysical advantage.

For instance, for many years I have felt that pink (fuchsia actually) is my ultimate spiritual power color. When I see things that are this shade it feeds me on a soul level. There’s something really soothing, really empowering and really inspiring about the feminine energy that the color pink brings to me. When I was in my early 20s everything that surrounded me was purple. That phase lasted for about 8 years until I slowly edged over on the spectrum to the pinky hues.

Now I seem to be synonymous with pink – my brand, my home, my office, my wardrobe. People (even complete strangers) send me pictures of pink stuff and tell me that it reminds me of them. I always feel so incredibly honored like it’s a Divine wink from the Universe that I am radiating my soul color.

Different colors have different meanings to different people. The following image (that you’re welcome to share on Pinterest) is a very basic interpretation of the metaphysical energy associated with different hues. NOTE: Please keep in mind that we are never bound by definitions or labels and that it’s always important to focus on what you LOVE and feel your own way to define things in a way that feels balanced within your soul. 



But how can you start to use color to help you on your own manifesting adventures to attract more ABUNDANCE?

Here are 5 creative ideas to ACTIVATE your spiritual power color…

1. Buy scented candles in your power color

Surround yourself in the beautiful activated energy of your power color. Every time you light your special candle you are reminding your higher self of your infinite potential.

2. Wear your power color as often as possible

You don’t have to wear your power color every single day (unless you want to), but wearing brighter colors that make you feel comfortable can actively raise your vibration. However, if you LOVE wearing black, that’s totally fine. Black is empowering and strong. I personally think it’s “spiritual snobbery” to say that wearing black is too heavy for your soul. Just my opinion.

3. During meditation surround yourself in LIGHT that is your power color

This is an incredibly powerful way to call forth and ENGAGE your power color to protect you and guide you on your spiritual adventures throughout life.

4. Buy a purse or wallet that is your power color

This can be an awesome way to active and attract abundance into your life. Every time you spend money you have the soothing comfort of your power color to guide your emotions to a state of TRUST that all is well and ABUNDANCE is always being drawn into your reality.

5. Create a mood board on Pinterest that will uplift your energy

I created a board in Pinterest just simply called PINK. It’s a space I can scroll through on Pinterest and pin all of the images that spark that flicker of inspiration in my heart.

I would LOVE to know what your spiritual power color is! Please COMMENT HERE to join the beautiful rainbow conversation over on Facebook.


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