Designed to support your manifestation journey, each item is carefully curated to help you achieve your goals and live your best life. Whether you’re looking to improve your mindset, manifest abundance or deepen your spiritual connection, our offerings are the perfect tools to support you on your journey.

Start manifesting your dreams today!


Mentoring With Sarah

Sarah is now offering exclusive one-on-one coaching, dedicated to helping you upgrade your intuition, release subconscious blocks, amplify your energy and manifest your intentions.

She’s had the honor of working as a spiritual advisor with high performers, celebrities and VIP executives over the last decade as the world’s leading manifestation expert.


The Visionary Collective

Your guidance will come in the form of weekly hot seats and Q&A sessions to get laser focused on exactly what you need to remain unblocked, aligned with your higher self and directly tapped into your intuitive superpowers (hint: we all have it. And all it takes is the smallest tweak from the right mentor to tap you straight back in to your channel of limitless possibilities).

💜 Purpose Driven Connection: You’ll network with an intimate group of high-vibe kindred spirits who are all embracing your vision and holding the sacred container for your success.


Soul Writer

You may have been putting off writing a book for years now…but it’s time. And when you join this special beta launch of SOUL WRITER, you’ll have me (Sarah Prout) holding your hand and leading you through the journey to find your message, write your book, and publish it successfully.

It’s never too late to share your story and change the world—but you have to take that first step.

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