Hello. I'm Sarah

My non-negotiable philosophy is that transformation is achievable with the power of authenticity, self-leadership, creativity, and a strong connection between heart and mind.

Hello! My name is Sarah Prout. Perhaps you are one of my 130,00+ manifesting students. Maybe you’re a reader of my bestselling book Dear Universe. Maybe you’re a listener of the MANIFEST podcast. Or maybe you found me via my viral video (seen 67+ million times) on how to “Be The Love” (also the title of my upcoming book)…

I’ve shared the stage with global leaders and personalities such as Suze Orman, Tony Robbins, Pitbull, Jason Silva, Robert Herjavek, Jay Shetty, Grant Cardone, Vishen Lakhiani, Trent Shelton, Egypt Sherrod and Justin Guarini.

However you found me, I’m a big believer in synchronicities and can say with confidence that our paths crossed for a reason.

In addition to being a creative entrepreneur and manifestation expert – I’m also a wife, mother of four, writer and lover of all things mystical. My methods have a focus on emotional empowerment, intuitive wisdom and heart-based healing.

If you’re new around here, it may be helpful to know what I believe in, so here are…

My Top 4 Core Beliefs About Manifesting and
Spirituality + What It Means For You

First, I believe that manifestation is the purpose of existence. Every moment is an opportunity to manifest something new – whether it’s a feeling, an experience, creating memories with your loved ones or a new connection point with The Universe. I discovered this through learning it’s about the journey and the destination. And if you want to create a meaningful life, it’s important that you honor both.

Second, I believe that everything is energy. This awareness breaks you free from the matrix and reminds you that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. When you guide the flow of your energy you can up-level your life, your business and manifest new levels of financial abundance. What’s even better is you will manifest the things money can’t buy – hope, joy, love, freedom, meaning, and so much more.

Third, I believe in the power of transformation. Miracles manifest when you’re ready to dive into the beliefs that have led you to this moment. I went from living below the poverty line as a single mother to manifesting millions of dollars in my business, receiving multiple 6-figure book deals, sharing the stage with Tony Robbins, and inspiring millions of people around the globe.

Fourth, I believe in YOU. You’re a powerful, transformative being with a deep capacity to create magic. I see you and I am honored to be here with you.

Over and above everything – I stand for LOVE. It’s the rocket-fuel for any manifestation and is the foundation for true spiritual practice.

I was born in New Zealand, raised in Australia and currently live in Vero Beach, Florida, USA.


My Story: From Welfare To Abundance

Over thirteen years ago I had a radically different mindset when my life took a little detour. I left a 10-year abusive marriage with two children and over $30,000 worth of debt. There were some days that I didn’t know how I was going to feed my children living as a single mother on welfare. To move through this time I turned to my connection with the Universe, my skills of intuition, and my love for manifesting and entrepreneurship to guide a path forward.

Since then, I have manifested and married my soulmate (CEO of our company Soul Space Media, Sean Patrick Simpson), created a 7-figure company, given birth to two miracle babies after 5 miscarriages in a row, and devoted my life to teaching others how to live with more intention, intuition and authenticity.


Official Bio:

Sarah Prout is an international bestselling author, manifestation expert, and host of the MANIFEST podcast. Named a “Manifestation Guru” by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Sarah went from living on welfare as a single mother in Australia, to creating a successful 7-figure company.

Over the last decade, Sarah has inspired millions of people with her words on emotional empowerment, intuitive wisdom, and heart-based healing. She is driven by a belief that anyone can manifest the life of their wildest dreams and guide their destiny if they have the courage to do so.

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, Sarah now lives in the United States with her husband and four children.

You can find her on Instagram: @sarahprout or visit:

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The importance of emotional mastery and self-leadership to reclaim your power and shape your reality — drawn from my own experience of going from welfare to 7-figures after leaving an abusive marriage.

Authenticity in Social Media and Business Growth
A strategic presentation on creating connections and increasing conversion by using a more vulnerable yet impactful approach in how you position your business or your personal brand.

Goal-Setting, Mission and Purpose
How to guide your own emotions and your energy to identify your purpose, define your mission, and create congruent, actionable goals towards that vision.

Whether you want to inspire your team, an audience, or just a group of entrepreneurs in a boardroom or via Zoom — I’ll deliver a relatable and resonant message of motivation, inspired action and practical self-belief.

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