My Name Is Sarah

And I’m Here To Empower You To Rise Above Fear, and Embrace Love.

I’m a speaker, author, creative entrepreneur, and mother of four…
dedicated to helping you create a life you can truly be happy about by using your thoughts, emotions, and energy to shape your own reality.

Ten years ago I had a radically different mindset.

I was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. Growing up, I had the same longing that most girls like me did — to feel chosen, to be seen, and to be loved. And like many girls back then (and even today), I knew little about giving those things to myself.

So at 19, I met a man who wanted to marry me, I enthusiastically said yes.

I thought I was on the right path to experiencing my happily-ever after. I ignored all the red flags that pointed south, including the fact that on the day of my wedding, I felt embarrassed and a little uneasy.

Instead, what I entered was 10 years of mutual domestic violence and emotional turmoil . I endured many physical and emotional bruises, tears, and tantrums, which left me feeling lonely, trapped, powerless, and just… worthless.

I tried to leave multiple times to find myself.. We’ve all heard that story before, but to actually be in it is an entirely different, jarring story.

It took a tumultuous, harrowing episode for me to finally be brave enough to walk away for good. When I did, I had over $30,000 worth of debt, two suitcases worth of belongings to my name, and two beautiful children that I had to raise below the poverty line.

There were some days I didn’t know how we were going to eat. To survive, I took everything one day, sometimes one moment at a time. Despite the circumstances, my newfound freedom felt so incredibly liberating.

I’ve always been a student of metaphysics and known of the law of attraction, but I had never given it a proper go. Determined to radically change my narrative for the better, I began to actively use my thoughts, emotions, and intentions to attract and create positive experiences.

Soon, the ability to cultivate the feeling of abundance became a second muscle, even if I was living on welfare payments. I trusted that if I could hold space for amazing things to manifest into my life, profoundly deep changes would begin to unfold.

And so it did. The universe started to respond to my bravery and desire for empowerment right away.

Life started to show up for me after years of self-neglect, heartache, and struggle. For starters, I met the love of my life… on Twitter, of all places!

Fast forward 10 years, and I’m now blissfully married to my soulmate. Together we built Soul Space Media, a business that helps people around the world achieve the life of their dreams using the same tools and practice that I did to turn my life around.

We now live a life of financial freedom in Las Vegas. I even had two beautiful daughters after enduring five miscarriages in a row, despite being told that it would be impossible for me to carry a baby to full term.

Miracle after miracle unfolded because I set powerful intentions and believed I was worthy. I believed that it was up to me to become the love that I deserve. Not anybody else.

“I’m now married to the love of my life, Sean.”

What I also realized is that the times in life that called for my transformation, were mostly led by how I took actions on how I felt. I’m confident that awareness of our emotions, not just our thoughts, and how we guide them — have the power to shape and bend our reality.

This is reflected in all my teachings, where I empower you through an effective combination of manifestation, emotional expansion, and mindset motivation.

To date, I have over 120,000 students and 1,000,000 followers and subscribers worldwide. My videos have garnered over 50 million views, and I published my first book, Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestation in 2019, which became a bestseller.

If you’re serious about manifesting your desires as I am about helping you make them happen — I’d love to have you part of my online tribe, so that I can provide you with as many resources as possible.

Each month, I upload a fresh article on my blog to give you some manifesting inspiration, as well as a “Journey to Manifesting” podcast episode to motivate you to create the life you’ve always wanted.

You’ll also be the first to hear periodic updates about new lessons, masterclasses and tools to support you on your manifesting journey… created by myself, a member of my team, or someone I adore and admire.

To kickstart your manifesting journey

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Be the love,