Meet Sarah

Sarah Prout is a leading manifestation expert, bestselling author, and spiritual mentor known for her transformative impact. An award-winning entrepreneur, Sarah started her journey as a single mother on welfare in Australia in 2009 and has built a multi-7 figure company through her dedication and devotion to helping others manifest their dreams.

Sarah has mentored thousands of clients, from high performers and celebrities to creatives and top-level executives. Her intuitive guidance and spiritual insights have helped countless individuals unlock their potential and achieve their dreams.

Through her books, including DEAR UNIVERSE and BE THE LOVE, The MANIFEST Podcast, and her spiritual writings, Sarah inspires and empowers people worldwide. With over 250,000 copies of her books sold in 10 languages, her messages of emotional empowerment and manifestation have touched millions.

Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, Sarah now resides in The Hamptons, New York, with her family, where she continues to share her transformative teachings and create a lasting impact on those who encounter her work.

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