In 2010, I was a single mother living on welfare and in just 5 short years I grew my business to a million dollars in revenue teaching metaphysics and manifestation.

I asked the Universe to help guide the way forward, and the Universe responded.

My passion for metaphysics began when I was just 8 years old and I read: The Game Of Life & How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn. This taught me the skills to develop what I call a “magical mindset”. I would visualize my dreams and goals in my mind’s eye and by the time I was just 14 I became Hallmark’s youngest designer worldwide. Four of my designs were sold internationally. At 19, I held my first successful solo art exhibition and at 22 I won an entrepreneurial start-up award. By the time I was 30, I left a 10-year toxic marriage behind me and I started with nothing but a computer, an internet connection and a desire to transform my life and provide for my children.

Being a spiritual writer and entrepreneur has always been driving a passion. When I combined this with my love for metaphysics and manifestation this is when my world changed for the better. I met and married my soulmate, Sean Patrick Simpson (CEO, DearUniverse.com). Together, through our mutual love of universal awareness built a multi-million dollar company. I have four beautiful children and I live in beautiful Sag Harbor (in The Hamptons) New York. Our mission is very bold and very clear: to unite humanity by integrating metaphysics and manifestation into every day living.

Official Bio

Sarah Prout is an international bestselling author, new thought leader, and manifestation expert, celebrated for empowering high-performers, creatives, and celebrities with her intuitive insights and transformative mindset. Her personal journey, evolving from a single mother on welfare in Australia to a successful entrepreneur, exemplifies her belief in the power of emotional empowerment and intuitive wisdom.

Co-founding the brand DearUniverse.com (formerly Soul Space Media) with her husband, Sean Patrick Simpson, Sarah has spent the last decade inspiring millions globally. Her work, including the bestselling book “Dear Universe,” a variety of online courses, and the top-rated podcast, focuses on heart-based healing and the art of manifesting one’s dreams.

Recognized as a “Manifestation Guru” by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Sarah continues to guide individuals in shaping their destinies through courage and self-belief. Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, she now resides in the United States with her family, continuing her mission to unite humanity by integrating metaphysics and manifestation into everyday life.

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