If you truly believe and trust in the guidance of the Universe you’ll know that inspiration is seasonal. It ebbs and flows in and out of your life in order to ride the beautiful wave of spiritual growth and conscious expansion.

Sometimes on our manifesting journey we might feel the intense spark of inspiration, and then other days we might feel as if the world is against us. We were perhaps born into the wrong set of circumstances and that it may seem hopeless (even pointless) setting the intention to live an abundant life. You feel disconnected, flat and uninspired.

But here’s the thing…

Inspiration and abundance is all around us, ALL THE TIME. It’s not just about money, it’s about connection to the flow of energy within us and around us. It’s up to us as to whether we choose to let fear steer the ship or LOVE and inspiration guide the path.

Over the last few months I’ve been feeling extremely uninspired with my work, and that’s okay. It’s part of a process that I’ve been through before and have learnt how to fully embrace as a vital component of the creation process. In a way, I believe that I’ve hit a glass ceiling with my manifesting adventures and it’s time to bring it back to the basic principles in order to fully immerse myself in the wonder of abundance again.

  • Create a clear vision
  • Immerse yourself in the feeling of already feeling grateful for obtaining your desires/intentions.
  • Raise your vibration
  • Be present, feel grateful, create art, laugh a lot, connect with humans you adore, be yourself.

A few days ago my husband and I stayed in a luxury resort in Santa Barbara called Bacara. The rooms were $900 per night! This was something I NEVER would have imagined was possible a few years ago. Our suite had an ocean view, overlooked the pool and was surrounded by beautiful palm trees. A glass of orange juice was $9. In fact one night we ordered room service for two Divine meals and it was $130. We were fully immersing ourselves in the energy of monetary abundance and it felt great.

We then decided to drive around a place called Montecito where Oprah Winfrey lives. We actually drove right up to the gates and sat there for a moment vibrationally soaking up the energy of abundance. The land felt vibrant – the trees, the flowers, the large gated homes with long driveways. It felt amazing.

We then checked out Rhonda Byrne’s house. She is the creator of The Secret (also a Melbourne girl like myself). I guess her work is very similar to mine in the sense we teach metaphysics and manifesting. The official Facebook page of ‘The Secret’ shared one of my affirmations recently and I felt extremely honored.  As it turned out, Rhonda Byrne’s home was up for sale.

For a cool $18 million dollars you could live in her home that overlooks the ocean and the acres of luscious land. For me, the inspiration started to instantly spark back up again. Now I’m not saying I want to move to Santa Barbara, but I would love to create that kind of mega-sanctuary here in Las Vegas.

The simple act of driving around Montecito really ignited my inspiration. I used to do the same thing (driving around expensive homes in Australia) after I watched The Secret back in 2006, so it felt (in a way) like a fully circle moment. In fact, I chose a house back in 2006 I loved and started to imagine myself living in it. At the time, it felt way out of my reach as it was over a million dollars. Considering my income was around $20,000 per year it was a wild dream to have for sure. Since then I have rented at least 2 homes that were over a million dollars (more like 2 million). Being a “millionaire” was something that I really wanted to manifest. All of the self-help and personal development books talk about the elusive goal of creating massive wealth. And now that the millionaire lifestyle is my reality, I can truly say it’s so much more about FREEDOM than it is ever about the money.

Money is just energy and there is a limitless supply if we tune into it. << please FEEL that one.

Our curiosity and vibration that we offer towards lifestyles that are radically different to the ones we are currently living actually help to propel your reality to a new level. The key is to feel deep appreciation for it and not see it as something separate from yourself.

Allow yourself to get inspired. Also allow it to be okay if you don’t feel inspired right now. Trust in the process, and that inspiration will hit when it needs to. Remember: Everything happens in Divine timing.

It’s tough to master the trust element at first, but when you can honestly offer JOY for things, people, places and experiences that you would LOVE TO MANIFEST and (feel as if it’s already manifested) you will notice different results start to appear into your reality. This is why I am so passionate about my 5×55 manifesting formula that I have taught to over 33,594 students around the world. It actively trains your subconscious mind to shift to a new level. Visit: http://AncientManifestingRitual.com xo


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