Two Simple Secrets That Took Me From Welfare To A Million Dollars

Early 2010 was a tough time for me. I was a single mother and I was really struggling. ⁣Here's a podcast episode I created on the subject too:


My mother (in red) helped as much as she could but I had to establish my own life while living on welfare. This meant buying a really crappy old car, finding a cheap apartment, and trying to figure out how to make ends meet. The future was uncertain and my anxiety levels were through the roof. ⁣

Thomas and Olivia (my kids) were incredibly strong during the transition. I didn’t have a fridge, washing machine or even a lot of furniture. We had no idea that in just 6 years from this photo being taken that I would be running a successful million dollar business. ⁣

We had no idea that I would marry my soulmate and have more kids. We had no idea that we would move to America one day from Australia.

My point is that you can’t look at your life right now and believe that it’s never going to change, because it will. Hard work, determination, vision and NEVER GIVING UP is the only way to get you to the next chapter of your life.

So here are the two secrets that I used to get through that time. Keep in mind that everyone has a different journey ahead of them and behind them. However, these two secrets can be applied by anyone no matter where you are, who you are, what you have been through, or even what you are currently experiencing. Here goes:

1: Gratitude

This might seem obvious, but I was grateful for even the smallest of things that would manifest for me. I was grateful to have a roof over my head. I was grateful to have food for the day. I was grateful that I discovered how to bunch up nearly used bars of soap that I would “borrow” from public restrooms into a bigger bar of soap so I could wash my laundry in the bathtub. You get the picture. When I got really good at manifesting I started to feel grateful when I was having “negative feelings” or experiences. It meant that I could feel grateful for the blessings in the lessons. This is where you can become a really powerful manifestor.

2: Connection with a Higher Power

Whatever name you choose for your higher power is the way to go. I call this power “The Universe” and sometimes “God” or “The Divine” mostly it's just a thank you feeling. I would connect with The Universe and hand my troubles over. This is where the idea for my book Dear Universe originated, where I was at rock bottom and reached out for help and guidance from the cosmos. Whether it's through prayer, dance, ritual, meditation, laughter, jounaling, joy and all of the numerous ways you can connect with this frequency – you should always remember that this power is there for you to turn to throughout life. It's the magical booster juice for your manifestations.

When I used these two steps in conjunction with one another, over and over again, my life began to change. Was it easy? Hell no! But was it worth it? Youbetcha.

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