Money + Abundance

A Love Note from The Universe When You Need to Manifest Money

I know this might sound a little weird, but there are times when I like to pretend that the Universe is comforting me. Some people call it “God” or The Force or “The Universe” and I like to trust there is this beautiful flow of Oneness that is always looking out for me (everyone actually) with unconditional love and compassion.

Today I thought I’d write a ‘Love Note from The Universe When You Need to Manifest Money’ because many people out there are so filled with fear and stress that there is never enough. So with love from me, here is the letter for you to hopefully find comfort in next time you feel that anxiety rise up within your heart. xo

Dear {insert your name here},

I know it’s scary. I know there are moments when you feel like the walls of your life are caving in around you. I want you to feel me here holding your hand. I want you to TRUST that there is method to my madness for blocking the flow right now. There are so many juicy spiritual lessons that are in the process of unfolding.

Sometimes, as the beautiful and vulnerable creatures that we are, life “tests” us in order to call us to a higher level of conscious awareness. No doubt, this is probably what you are experiencing right now or have endured before. The reason for this is to be able to fully experience the vast contrast offered by this exquisite life we are currently living. We have to experience loss, we have to experience pain, and we have to experience hardship in order to RISE ABOVE IT and gain strength from it. It’s all about perspective and how you to choose to view your current situation. There are so many things to be grateful for, even in the times of extreme lack of abundance. Your mission is to see through the challenges and spend your energy wisely. 

It might be confronting to hear, but nothing appears without our own consent. It can also be reversed, in the sense that nothing can be taken from us without our own consent. It’s a sacred vibrational contract we hold with everything that either appears or disappears in our lives.

We set the pace for abundance to flow if we choose to live a life of intention. Have you made the choice?


These “tests” can appear in the form of seeming roadblocks on the path to manifesting our desires. For instance, you might be down to your last $20 to last you for the week, or you might have received a large bill you weren’t expecting. The fear, the anxiety and the cycle of belief is all part of soul training.

Just remember, ABUNDANCE is a feeling. How we respond to the events that unfold in our lives will determine how well we are able to cope. Prosperity is an energy that you must carry in your heart whether there are dollars in your bank account or not. It's much more than a pile of coins, a chest of treasure or a massive oversized check anyway – it's the energy of living a joy-filled life. Carry the energy of JOY with you always. See it in the world around you and celebrate the effortless flow with ease and grace. Feel happy for others, celebrate the success of others. Be grateful for everything that you have NOW. And lastly, when you feel like life is beating you up and testing your faith, be brave enough to say THANK YOU no matter what you are being faced with. Because the beauty of life is filling your lungs to take the next breath and the next…

It’s time to beat the resistance and offer a new vibration for a fresh reality to emerge. Your pain right now is forming a powerful story for your future self. Just take things one day a time, one moment to the next and everything will be okay.

With Infinite Love. xo