10 Ways Prosperity Mindsets Think Differently

Being a conscious creator is so important because when you’re actively taking charge of your reality you can master your fate. Anything can happen to you and you have all of the tools you need in your spiritual toolbox to be okay no matter what the Universe brings to you.

So without further ado, here are the 10 Ways Prosperity Mindsets Think Differently and how you can start adopting these traits as your own to create a life you adore.

Here’s a Facebook LIVE Q+A that I did on the top of cultivating a prosperity mindset. See the show notes below…

1. Prosperity Mindsets seize opportunities

A prosperity mindset says YES when experiences or opportunities arise.

2. Prosperity Mindsets believe money is energy

A prosperity mindset remembers that money is just energy. It’s an interactive vibration that exchanges value for outcome. They remember that abundance can create freedom and adventure as you move through life and that if you block your flow of energy, you’ll block your flow of prosperity.

3. Prosperity Mindsets feel the beauty of alignment

If something doesn’t feel right then a person with a prosperity mindset will not take action until they feel aligned. This process of inner discernment is what separates the prosperity mindset from the mindset of scarcity.

4. Prosperity Mindsets practice daily gratitude

When you consistently look for things to be grateful for on a daily basis then the Universe will deliver more things for you to appreciate. No matter how small your expression of appreciation is, it will impact your vibration and your capacity to receive.

5. Prosperity Mindsets cultivate trust in the Universe

Once an intention or a desire has been released to the Universe for the Law of Attraction to work her magic, then the prosperity mindset knows how to trust in the process. As the old saying goes: ‘A watched pot never boils.’ Let go and surrender and watch the magic unfold.

6. Prosperity Mindsets give without expectation

The prosperity mindset gives to friends and family without expectations but holds the wisdom in their hearts of the Law of Reciprocity – whatever you put out there comes back to you.

7. Prosperity Mindsets let go of the past

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools in the spiritual toolbox of those with a prosperity mindset. They let go of past wrongdoings and forget what is “owed” they move forward and remember that grudges block the flow of energy.

8. Prosperity Mindsets give to worthy causes

The prosperity mindset is truly philanthropic by nature and remembers that if we help ourselves we can also assist others in need to rise up and be taken care of. The act of tithing (meaning one tenth) is a metaphysical way of opening your heart to receiving more abundance.

9. Prosperity Mindsets are conscious and mindful

People with prosperity mindsets are consciously aware of their actions and the impact they will have. If something could harm themselves or others, they steer clear of going in that direction.

10. Prosperity Mindsets let go of limiting beliefs

A prosperity mindset will open their heart and examine the beliefs that are holding them back. The purest form of this mindset is dedicated to consistent personal development and growth.

Whether you embody all 10 of these traits of just a few, please be aware that you have the ability to cultivate your own prosperity mindset no matter where you are in your life right now.

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