Do You Have a Poverty Mindset? You Might Be Surprised.

First up — let me just say that over 80% of the world lives on less than $10 per day. If you’re reading this post on your own computer or phone, have running water and electricity in your house, and are able to have at least one or two meals a day, then you’re not worse off. In fact, you are in a good place. The concept of “poverty mindset” I’m referring to has to do with those that consciously sabotage themselves from flowing into the energy of abundance by being in a mindset of scarcity and having guilt or resentment around money. They’re likely to find themselves in the following scenarios: + They never set foot in fancy stores because they don’t feel good enough to be there… + They’re never able to save money or make more than they need… + They’re always judgmental of people with more expensive lifestyles… + They feel that happiness is a destination and not a journey…. + They claim that they are in a “higher vibration”, which is in a different location energetically than where money can be generated  … and the list goes on and on. Well, I’m here to tell them, and you — that you are worthy. The “poverty mindset”’ can sneak into your awareness without you even realizing. So I want to share some insight about how you can shift your “wealth dial” to receive more prosperity and clear some money blocks once and for all. poverty mindset cracked flower

Let me get real and explain it with a story.

My team and I get love notes and positive messages all the time about how much people love our products and the work we’re doing in the world to inspire others to live a great life. It’s such a beautiful energy that we have flowing in our direction, and I’m always so humbled and grateful for the connection that is sparked within my readers.  However, from time to time I do get a small cluster of messages that question my marketing tactics, saying that it’s “cheesy” or “fake”… to which I used to take great offense. But now, I’ve decided to rise above it instead, and see it for what it really is — FEAR. If anything, feeling fearful or irritated by something is always an invitation from your soul to see beyond the illusion and do some stellar inner work. Many who claim to be “spiritual” often like to create a divide between themselves and others to make themselves feel more in control of their awakening and feel more superior… this totally misses the point. Quite frankly I see it as a load of bullshit.  I’ll be honest — being “salesy” is not something I have loved or felt comfortable with for very long. In fact, I hated it. As you might know, I run my company with my extraordinarily talented husband Sean Patrick Simpson. He is a marketing genius and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in business and personal growth.  sean patrick simpson poverty mindset Sean and I have spent a hefty sum of money investing in our marketing skills and now we’re so proud to be injecting reasonably large amounts of our revenue straight back into advertising. More than likely that’s how you found me.


There’s an email that I send after you sign up for my newsletter or one of my free gifts, that can be quite confronting. It asks you (point blank) why you haven’t taken me up on my offer to purchase a really low cost product that will help to transform your life, as it has transformed the lives of over 80,000+ of my students.  Yes, it’s a “sales tactic,” but I have to break through to you somehow in all of this online noise.  I’m not selling crack to children, trying to get your daughter to do webcam shows, I don’t work for the devil and my message isn’t ever going to make you not feel good enough in order to make a purchase. So in terms of my marketing message being pushy, fake or disingenuous please know and TRUST that all of my products have been created with LOVE. All of them have been lovingly crafted through real-life experiences and they invite you to map out a better life for yourself.  I’m not selling magic beans. I’m selling inspiration to love yourself on a deeper level.  However, time and time again I notice that people with a poverty mindset — as opposed to a prosperity mindset — are unable to invest in themselves or see beyond their own barrage of criticisms. It’s so confronting… and to be blatantly honest I experienced this on a very personal level during my move to America.  That week, we bought a new car, moved into one of the most beautiful guard-gated communities in Las Vegas, and purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars of new furniture. Sounds a little pretentious, but I have to illustrate the contrast here.  This was a very, very far cry from shopping at thrift stores and picking up junk on the side of the road only five years earlier in order to furnish my tiny apartment back in Australia.
After all of our expensive purchases, I was overcome with buyer’s remorse. My poverty mindset jumped up and started telling me that I wasn’t worthy, and it really does cause inner conflict.  The fascinating thing is, whenever I slip into this mode, I tend to receive more messages from the “haters” I mentioned earlier, as if the poverty mindset had also unlocked a negative portal to affirm my doubts.  But my point is this:

When you’re ready to make changes… and I mean super-empowering change in your life, then resistance will rise up like wildfire in equal proportion to your desire to thrive.

But you must learn how to rise above it. Once you do, the rewards are awesome. One of the ways that the poverty mindset gets their drama fix is by questioning and criticizing others for the way they choose to promote their message.  But once you pivot this back to yourself, rather than projecting onto other people, your consciousness begins to blossom. So when you see someone having tactics that don’t work for you, then bless them and wish them well. It’s just not for you, and that’s cool. Move along.  poverty mindset with-sarah-prout
The Universe has these opposing forces that make themselves known when you’re on the brink of something huge. I know you know what I’m talking about here. (If not, here’s a free powerful FREE meditation that can help you connect with all the power of The Universe to truly SEE and envision what’s possible for you.) I am a HUGE believer in the process of alignment and I have always found that my manifesting students all over the world found me when they needed to. Yes, marketing is a vehicle for a message. Also, making money from your message is not wrong. It’s the way the world goes round. ALL of the teachers I know that have generated millions of dollars and impacted millions of lives have their marketing “deals” dialed in to get amazing results for both their students and themselves.

Be Grateful And Practice Non-Judgment

The fastest way to rise up out of having a poverty mindset is to be grateful and practice non-judgement. When you make anything “wrong” — whether it’s marketing, sales tactics or the way that another person makes their money — you actually block your own flow of prosperity.  Why? Because judgement will always stunt your progress. The fastest way to rise up out of having a poverty mindset is to be grateful and practice non-judgement. Click To Tweet poverty mindset sarah prout
To summarize… I’m not and never will trick you to part with your money to purchase my products. This is why I have a 60-day money back guarantee, and also why my refund rate is super low.  What I will do is ALWAYS create products that will inspire you, empower you and invite you to peel back the layers of your heart and figure out the direction you’re headed in. My mission is to help you manifest your desires, but if my message doesn’t resonate with you or my marketing ticks you off… then I’ll never be offended if you choose to look the other way.

Shift Your Wealth Dial By Choosing Prosperity

You can switch from “poverty mindset” to a “prosperity mindset” and clear some money blocks once and for all by:
  • Believing beyond what you can see now…
  • Rising above any limiting beliefs you have around money and wealth…
  • Learning to love and celebrate your money no matter what the amount…
  • Cultivating a deep appreciation for everything…
  • Surrounding yourself with inspiration, not comparison
  • And many more.
If you’re ready to spark a deep conversation with The Universe and call in more wealth and abundance into your life, get a copy of The Ancient Manifesting Ritual, which has been downloaded by over 105,437 students worldwide. Check out some of the success stories here. They will give you the excitement you need to open the flow of prosperity. The ritual is a super-easy process and one I’ll take you through step-by-step, so there’s no guess-work at all. You’re going to love it!

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manifesting What was an experience you had recently or in the past that triggered a poverty mindset? If you enjoyed this article, please share it with a friend who could use some manifesting inspiration as well! With Love, Sarah Prout


  1. I just started the 5×55 program last night! And I LOVED it! And thank you for posting this! I SO needed to hear and read this today! Synchronicities are happening lIke this for me daily and super quickly! I love what you are doing! Thank you!

  2. Appreciation from my heart of abundance to yours. Your honesty is your integrity, thanks for the sincere example of what awaits on the other side of the poverty mindset.

  3. Dear Sarah, thank you for this post. I resonate with it all. In particular,

    “The thing is, when you’re ready to make changes…and I mean super-empowering change in your life then resistance will rise up like wildfire in equal proportion to your desire to thrive.
    You must learn how to rise above it. Once you do, the rewards are awesome”.

    This wildfire, wow sure is hot, like a purification. I nearly quit on my yoga therapy business. It was on hold for over a year because I didn’t believe in myself and it was too hard to face the self-hatred that came with doing what I love. Well, with steady progress, inspiration from other online teachers and your manifestation ritual, I feel the burning is less and I am starting to manifest what I truly love and want.

    Thank you and with love,

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