The following ideas are to attract true love and romance into your life. These fun and practical little tips will magnify your energy and get the Law of Attraction sending more LOVE your way whether you’re single or need a little spark in your relationship.

1. Get specific: What kind of a relationship would you like in your life?

Take out a piece of paper or open up a document on your computer and list out what kind of relationship you would like to have in your life. What does it look like? How does it work? Will you get married? Get specific. God/The Universe/Source Energy is always in the details.

2. Let go of your past, de-clutter and move forward

This means not talking about ‘him or her’ as much and perhaps getting rid of old love letters or emails that keep you stuck in the past. It’s time to pave the way for a new person to step forward. They can’t arrive when you’re still pining over someone else.

3. Watch movies of the love you would like to attract

Without a doubt ‘The Notebook’ is the romantic movie that most people refer to when they think of the type of love they would like to attract. Go to IMDB and search for romantic movies and create a ‘must watch list’.

4. Show yourself the love you think you deserve

It’s really important to know how good (or not so good) your levels of self-esteem are. You really need to love yourself in order to attract a relationship that is sustainable. The truth? Otherwise you’ll be attracting someone that will want to fix you or will magnify your need to take care of yourself better. This can be a good thing, but unless you shine light on the need for self-love and self-care then it can turn ugly very fast. So this is why it’s so important to treat yourself well and show yourself the love you think you deserve.

How will you love yourself today? Ask yourself this powerful question at least 3 times per day.

5. Buy yourself flowers or tickets to something you want to watch

Surrounding yourself with bunches of fresh and beautiful blooms is a great way to raise your vibration. It encapsulates the essence of springtime and is really lovely and feminine. Also take yourself on a date to the movies. Watch something that you really want to see. This is an act of strengthening levels of self love.

6. Create space in your bedroom for your lover

I learnt this one from ‘The Game of Life and How to Play It’ where Florence Scovel Shinn writes about the importance of demonstrating something called ‘active faith’. It’s where you create space for whatever it is that you wish to welcome in your life. By creating space in your bedroom for your lover you are letting the Universe know that you’re ready. You can do this by just sleeping on one side of the bed, making drawer space available for his or her clothes.

7. Soul mate journal exercise

Write a clear list of all of the things you would like to do with your soul mate. List out the dates, tourist attractions, events and fun things you can do together. Feel excited about sharing these experiences with someone. Remember, it’s ALL ABOUT THE FEELING SPACE.

8. Crystal magic

Get some rose quartz to flow energy into and use it as an attraction point for manifesting love. Carry it with you as a reminder of the lover that is on track to find you soon.

9. Buy a special dinner plate for your lover or a coffee cup

Imagine making a cup of tea or coffee for your lover each morning. By buying a special cup you can visualize the process of having him/her there with you. The Universe will respond to this action.

10. Feel energized when you see others in love

Don’t be one of those people that see public displays of affection or people blissfully in love and allow it to activate your crabby/skeptical mind. You can only attract success when you are genuinely happy for others and their success. Allow yourself to be energized by the love that others share and affirm to yourself that your time is on its way very soon.

11. Create a list of love heroes – people that inspire you

Create a list of people in love that inspire you. Epic love stories are everywhere.

12. Monitor your language patterns around finding love

“It will never happen to me”
“I’m too old”
“That only happens in the movies”

Get rid of all of your limiting beliefs and rise above them. You are enough and you are so worthy to find true, lasting, love.

Check out this post called Why Your Word is Your Wand.

13. Treat yourself like a king or queen for a day

Get pampered. Go to a spa, get a massage, perhaps a mani/pedi and relax. Treat yourself like royalty so that your special someone in your life will know what is expected.

14. Soul mate meditation

Listen to the soul mate attraction audio I created here:

15. Write your soul mate a letter

By writing your soul mate a really heartfelt letter you are opening up the vibration of vulnerability. Tell your soul mate how much you need him or her right now and the ways in which you will show and express your love to them.

16. Ask to receive a dream from the dream-world that symbolizes your soul mate

This is a really powerful and intriguing thing to do. When you develop a relationship with the Universe, all sorts of interesting messages come forth in your dreams. Why not ask for a dream? Set the intention before you go to sleep at night and see what happens. Write it down when you wake up in the morning.

17. Notebook soul mate exercise

Write a list of all of the qualities your lover will love about you. Why are you so loveable? List out at least 111 things.

18.  Buy some sexy lingerie or underpants to be ready for some lovin’

This shouts a loud message to the Universe that you are up for action! Just imagine if you all of a sudden met the love of your life, felt ready to take things to the ‘next level’ and all you have is a ratty old pair of knickers that are 5 sizes too big or too small. Great underwear is imperative to feeling abundant and manifesting love.

19. Create a manifesting love playlist on iTunes or SoundCloud

Create a playlist of songs that you connect to emotionally about the future of your love life. Don’t choose things that remind you of a boyfriend you had when you were 17. Make sure you choose songs that make you look forward to your future love life.

20. Buy some essential oils that remind you of how strong you are and ready to attract love into your life

Purchase a scent that triggers the reminder that you are on an empowering path to experience conscious and rare love during your lifetime.

21. Buy some strawberries and dip them in chocolate

Picture yourself sharing them with your lover and get into the feeling space of how intimate it would be to share food with the person you adore.

22. Buy a photo frame you will place a photo of your new soul mate

Place the photo frame next to the bed and remind yourself that he/she will be arriving very soon.

23. The Dear Ex Letter

Write a letter to your exes, letting them know you are now taken and thank them for their time with you to make you the person you are today. Please note this is an energetic exercise only and it’s recommended that you don’t actually send the letter.

24.  Look up at the stars and send a wish to your soul mate

There is something really magical about going outside at nighttime and looking up at the stars. It’s even better if it’s a hot summer night and you can sit out there comfortably without freezing your butt off. As you look at the twinkling beauties in the sky, mentally send a wish to your soul mate to find you soon.

25. Read some RUMI poems.

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along.”

26. Create a private (or not so private) Pinterest board with images of couples that inspire you

Doing this exercise will help you to get a clear picture of the type of relationship you want to attract. You can check out my soul mate board here.

27. Create vibrant and inspiring profiles for yourself on dating sites and be open to finding gems when you least expect them

Be as real as possible when you put yourself out there on dating sites. Also be open to finding something that doesn’t match up to your ‘type’. Too often people aren’t willing to see past the initial impressions. Sometimes digging a little deeper will uncover gems that you are so glad you took the time to uncover.

28. Create a sanctuary

Create a sanctuary for pleasure in your bedroom that will fine tune the vibration for true love to be shared in there. Think fresh sheets, soft pillows, mood lighting and scented candles. Set up your bedroom to be enjoyed as a restorative sanctuary.

In order to manifest more abundance into your life you need to be ready to SPARK a deeper connection with the Universe. If you’re ready to go on a spiritual adventure and quest then I would highly recommend my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. This will help to get out of your own way and help you to strengthen your intuition. xo

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