Most of us have hit rock bottom more than once or twice in our lives where “everything” seems to be failing miserably. It’s usually only with the power of hindsight that we can see that the darkest days were actually strengthening us (our hearts, our souls) and forming part of a memorable story.

Success, on the other hand, is an energetic movable feast. Many people think they know what success will feel like only to arrive at the desired destination and feel the perpetual fire in their belly to keep striving. They anticipated success would be life-changing, only to find that the elusive nature of success is a shape-shifting chameleon.  The chase is the aim of the game, and it can become addictive to those that get trapped in the endless cycle. Nothing can satisfy the person always seeking to fill themselves up with external rewards and situations.

But it’s the delicious middle ground between apparent failure and the manifestation of your desires which is where the magic resides. It’s all about cultivating the ability to manage your energy and not be fooled by the illusionary presentation of life.

So many people tend to forget that we are mere echoes of everything (and yes, EVERYTHING) that has happened in the spirit realm or etheric plain first. Our job is to catch up.

May of 2014 was a turning point for me where all of my beliefs were challenged. I started to lose my sparkle, lose my faith and question why the Universe kept making my babies die within my womb. After 5 miscarriages in a row, my soul felt worn down to a stump. I know I always refer to this Florence Scovel Shinn quote but it’s such a good one:

Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.

Three words in this quote spoke to me like they were transformed into a flashing neon sign within my heart…


My sadness was preventing me from keeping my eyes on the prize. I wanted to manifest a healthy baby, that was my vision. So in order to spark the connection with the Universe I decided to practice the art of letting go and being present with holding my vision dear to my heart. For me it was a 3 step process:

STEP 1: I created a vision board with a picture of a very healthy baby girl in the center.

STEP 2: I did my Ancient Manifesting Ritual and crafted an extremely strong and powerful affirmation to call in my soul baby.


STEP 3: I began to REMEMBER that I would heal and nurture myself the more I trusted and surrendered to the fact the Universe knows what she’s doing…ALWAYS.

These three elements helped me to get out of my energetic fog and wake up again. After troubleshooting my sadness and my resistance, I ended up manifesting my healthy baby girl within just a few short months. Please also keep in mind I was told it would be virtually impossible to carry a baby to full term. My 3 beautiful children had a much stronger will than any medical assessment. I’m in the process of writing a book about this at the moment which I’m super-excited to share more about soon.

If this post inspires you please ‘share it’ with your friends and loved ones. We all need to support one another to follow our hearts and manifest our dreams. xo

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