Finding Your Twin Flame or Your Soul Mate: Beyond Labels to Cherish The Sacredness of Your Beloved

How do I manifest my soul mate? How will I know if I have met my twin flame? What if I NEVER find my soulmate or my twin flame? How will I ever feel whole if I never find the love of my life?

These are all questions I get asked all the time. I love and adore questions about relationships because I believe that it’s through relationships and in the times when we are seeking relationships that our souls grow and our consciousness expands. As humans we tend to forget that there is a season for everything in our lives. There is a season for love, for romance and for connection with an intimate partner. But yet there is this incessant impatience for ‘The One’ to land in your life as soon as possible. But here’s the thing we tend to forget:

Everything happens in Divine Timing.

Remember, if you’re waiting to meet the love of your life then more than likely that person is out there somewhere waiting to manifest YOU! Try and flip the awareness around and feel into how your other half would be feeling right now. Are they lonely without you? Have they made space for you to appear into their reality? Have they healed enough to handle you? This is a really valuable visualization technique. Imagine how it will be for your beloved when you finally show up in their life. You could very well be on someone’s vision board, the focus of their manifesting ritual, or walking around in their dreams. When you think of it this way it actually releases a lot of the energetic resistance. This is how you honor the sacredness of your beloved. 

On Monday marks the 6th anniversary of my relationship with Sean Patrick Simpson. We met on Twitter, he was living in Los Angeles and I was living on the Sunshine Coast, in Noosa Australia just 7 months out of my 10-year abusive marriage with two children and no money. I wasn’t looking for a soul mate or my next husband. I was thinking that my ‘happily ever after’ was a long way off in the distant future once my pain had faded and I had rebuilt my life. I didn’t really know the spiritual journey that a fulfilling relationship could offer me. All I knew of marriage and intimacy was that it was violent, neglectful, controlling and never on my own terms. So when Sean arrived in my world I had to learn how to allow true love into my heart. I literally had to rewire my beliefs about intimacy, friendship and partnership in order to allow for a newfound sense of romance and excitement into my life.

After Sean flew from America to spend 11 days with me and my children, there was a deep awareness sparked within our souls. We remembered one another, even though ‘logically' we were virtual strangers. Our intuition began to wake up, our creativity, our dreams for the future, our mission and our unified purpose. Don’t get me wrong, there were some really tough times that nearly broke us apart. For one, we didn’t have any money. We didn’t know how Sean could stay in Australia and if he even was ready to leave America. It was a time of bliss and also a time of extreme emotional upheaval.

When your beloved appears, it's time to be aware that it's an intense time of soul growth.

The spiritual lessons were flying in our direction thick and fast. We both deeply felt the sacred nature of our union, but didn’t quite know how to handle it.

Then we learned of a concept called “Twin Flames” after we had experienced the so-called symptoms:

A twin flame is a single soul that was split in two at the beginning of eternity. When the twin souls unite it is for the completion of Oneness and usually when there is a greater mission to get out there to the world.

+ Seeing rainbows
+ Seeing the number 111
+ Connecting to a channel or guide (increased intuitive awareness)
+ Effortless connection and deep, profound love

We are so thankful that we didn’t know what a twin soul (or twin flame) was before we met otherwise we would have been looking for it and limited by the label.

The truth is that when you open your heart to love another person deeply and unconditionally is transcends the need to be labelled, it simply just IS. Sean and I rarely refer to being ‘twin flames’ because we are so much more than the label. We have a SACRED UNION with the unified intention to grow together and walk through life with joy and love.

I believe that there is someone for everyone out there. When the time is right and you’re in a devoted and beautifully committed relationship you put your hand up to do some extremely powerful spiritual work. And if you are still looking for that kind of love then you are already on that profound spiritual journey of self discovery and self realization.

The key element is that your heart needs to be open to receiving the energy that your beloved is waiting to share with you. 

When we let go of the limitations, the labels, the boundaries, our beliefs that no longer serve us, and the rules that stifle our energy, then life magically transforms and delivers the people/places and experiences into our lives that fulfill our sacred contracts with the Divine.

I’m sure you feel it in your bones: the calling, the tiny whispers, the essence of destiny in the process of unfolding. It’s nature, life-force and the miracle of the Universe living through you right now. If you’re ready to spark a powerful conversation with the Divine about drawing in the love of your life then please try my 5×55 manifesting ritual. It could open the channel you need to finally meet your beloved in this physical reality.


ps.This post is lovingly dedicated to my beloved husband, Sean Patrick Simpson, on our 6th year anniversary together. I love you. xo