We sometimes forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way around. We also completely forget that we have these innate super powers within us that are all uniquely our own. Each and every person on this planet has a power within them when they cultivate the awareness of what it is and how to use it. Like anything in life you can either ‘use it’ or you ‘lose it’.

Here are the top The 8 Intuitive Faculties of Inspired Action that can be activated as soon as you remember how to use them.

Note: the more you pay attention to them and feel appreciation, the more these powers will show up when you need them the most.

1. The Power of Discernment

The discerning intuitive is decisive by nature, and by no means a fence sitter. You can use the power of discernment on an daily basis, if not hourly. Discernment is when you allow yourself to tune into what is the best path or option is to take from a space of FEELING for alignment. For instance, if you are hungry then you turn to your discernment to energetically tune yourself into your decision. You learn how to decide which option is best for you and the most nourishing. Would it be cookies or fruit? What does your discernment tell you is better to nuture your body? Disernment is all about cultivating those intuitive nudges and messages that we are given all day, every day, by the Universe.

Power Question: How could you use your discernment today?

2. The Power of Healing

When you’re a healer or a light worker you know it without a shadow of a doubt. Some people might feel a certain type of heat in their hands or a “knowing” that when someone is suffering they have the power to lift their vibration and facilitate the required nurturing back to wellness. The healer has the amazing ability to flow energy from the highest Universal sources into their patience and then back to a state of harmony. In fact, all of us also have the power of self-healing as long as we make sure we take care of our minds, our hearts and our bodies on a daily basis with inspired action.

Power Question: What can you begin to heal in your life today?

3. The Power of Compassion

The deeply intuitive empath FEELS EVERYTHING and offers the heart space to display compassion. This beautiful softening energy is an almighty balancing force in the world that is required to uplift others in times of need. The compassionate soul is a true lightworker that doesn’t feel the need to blame and shame or propagate wrongness. Instead, he or she feels the need to illuminate a path of unconditioanl love no matter what the situation. They hold space for those in need which enriches the energy of humanity.

Power Question: Who could you cultivate compassion for today?

4. The Power of Lightheartedness

The intuitive faculity of lightheartedness is one of pure sunshine and joy. These people know how to NOT make everything about themselves and see the silver lining in any situation. The lighthearted person makes it their mission to laugh a lot and raise the vibration around them with comic relief. They know that life and drama isn’t to be taken seriously, and that elevating human consciousness through being joyful is the key to lasting happiness.

Power Question: How can you be more lighthearted today?

5. The Power of Reverence

Deep, soulful, meaningful reverence is truly beautiful. The person that can conjure the sacred space for people to be reminded of their divinity is truly awe-inspiring. The reverant person knows how to protect and promote the sanctity of spiritual practice. He or she would never stand in judgement, instead they inspire others by walking the talk.

Power Question: In what ways could I be more reverent in my life and honor the Divine within?

6. The Power of Manifesting

The power manifestor knows how to use their thoughts and feelings to create their own reality. They understand that everything happens in the etheric realm first, and our role is to catch up by aligning with our desires The power manifestor is an expert at managing their vibrational energy and sparking a constant communion with the Universe though rituals, meditation and the art of surrender. These people know how to imprint the Divine Mind and create their own miracles.

Power Question: What am I currently in the process of manifesting based on my thoughts right now?

7. The Power of Awareness

The AWARE intutive sees everything that is going on energetcially with people. They understand on a very deep level that there is always more than meets the eye. The people with the most amount of consciousness awareness are those that walk through life without letting fear rule the roost. They choose to see the world thorugh the filter of LOVE and know that most people that are suffering just need to align with a sense of connection to the bigger picture. Awareness is cultivated by truly seeing people for who they are – and that is, beautiful divine, amazing creatures.

Power Question: How can I cultivate more awareness and consciousness in my life?

8. The Power of Forgiveness

The person that has the power to forgive another for wrongdoings releases the burden from their heart. They free their cells and allow the magic of the Universe to shine through them. Forgiveness is one of the toughest powers to cultivate for a reason because it can sometimes test you to your limits. The forgiving soul is a wise soul. The forgiving soul is a FREE soul that rises above oppression and lives life regardless of the actions of others.

Power Question: Who can I forgive today? How can I forgive myself and be more compassionate today?

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