This is something really special that I want to share with you. It’s our official wedding video which is actually more of a documentary of our love story over the last 6 years since we met on Twitter many moons ago. It was directed and edited by Lightfield Lewis, who is an extraordinary creative genius.

This post today is a timeline of your love story to accompany the video. This timeline (however) doesn’t include the massive business milestones we have reached, like working with authors all over the world, living in multi-million dollar homes or reaching millions of people on a monthly basis. It includes the happy moments, and focusses on all of the joy we have shared together as we walk hand in hand through this world as One.

Here’s is the official timeline of Lulu Dawn: The Love Story of Sarah and Sean.

Valentine’s Day 2009: Sean Patrick Simpson followed me on Twitter. We became friends, just friends. I was married to another guy for 10 years. The relationship ended and I left with 2 suitcases, 2 kids and over $30,000 worth of debt. During this time Sean was helping me via email as a friend for moral support. He lived in America, I lived in Australia. Here is one of our tweets in the early days…

themostspecialtweetever copy

April 2010: Something happened after the dust settled from moving states away from my ex-husband. I opened my heart to love again and Sean became my number #1 love interest. It was like a switch was flipped in my soul. We fell in love online, before meeting one another in person.

May 23rd 2010: Sean flew from LA to Noosa to meet me for the first time. I felt like I had always known him and we were picking up where we left off. This photo was taken just 4 days after we met…


2010-2012: We started our publishing company. Moved to Melbourne. Started the process to make Sean an Australian Permanent Resident. I’m not gonna lie, these were tumultuous years trying to balanced our love and getting used to living together. We were both working out our issues, to put it nicely, mainly me. It was an intense period of personal growth but worth every minute of it.

November 1st, 2012: It was my 33rd birthday and Sean arranged for a pink limousine to pick me up so he could propose! Obviously, I said yes.

September 15th, 2013: I had just found out I was pregnant and then a few days later I lost the baby at around 6 weeks. On the 17th of September we were to fly to America from Australia for our wedding.

September 21st, 2013: We got married in Las Vegas at the Rumor Boutique Hotel. The same place where they filmed one of the weddings for The Bachelor. We were surrounded by our beautiful friends and family.


November 8th, 2013: I was nearly 8 weeks pregnant and on our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic when I had another miscarriage.

Jan, March, May 2014: I lost another 3 pregnancies at various stages. The saddest one was a little girl we lost around the 10 week mark.

frame38f83eff72f861301fa7fe0388ff1415ca1ddc53 (1)

July 2014: We moved from Melbourne back up to the Sunshine Coast to recalibrate and heal from all of our losses. This is where our love first began. We rented a big home overlooking the ocean and I found out I was pregnant (again) within 10 days.

March 23rd, 2015: Lulu Dawn Prout-Simpson was born! Finally, my soul baby in my arms!

frame3e565de74d1e3d45c64eca6d4b2441579d174016 (1)

April 2015: We begin the process to get green cards for myself and the kids (not Lulu and Sean obviously). The paperwork was a massive task to complete.

August 2015: Our VISA process was approved! We sold all of our stuff in one week in order to move. Talk about “active faith” because we had already taken he steps to leave without being officially approved.

September, 2015: We moved to Las Vegas! We found our forever home. This is a photo of us from earlier this week at The Rumor Hotel where we got married. We decided it was time to take Lulu to the place per parents got married.

framed7d2c5a7a8dc00bf4e21e35fc9e0733b5df72d38 (1)

This timeline is proof that with LOVE, active faith, willingness to heal and determination that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. xo


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