It’s A GIRL!


I just realised that I didn't write a post to announce that I found out that I am having a baby GIRL!

When I wrote this post a few weeks ago I had just taken the Verifii test to see if everything was okay and to also confirm the gender. I was so surprised how far technology has come since I had my daughter nearly nine years ago. To think you can find out all of this stuff from a simple blood test.

I waited patiently all week for the results, and then it was late on a Friday afternoon and I swear I developed super-sonic hearing. I'm not kidding, I heard my phone buzzing on silent from inside my zipped handbag about eight metres away! As soon as I plunged into my bag, it already displayed ‘1 missed call' on the screen. I knew it was my doctor and I also started to panic because the office was just about to close for a three-day weekend!

I called back immediately at 5.01pm and to my surprise the doctor answered the phone from the front desk on her way out. She told me everything came back perfectly ‘normal' for the chromosome tests and that I was having a girl. Yep, two little XX chromosomes.

I ran back inside all shaky and excited and walked into our office to tell Sean (my husband). It was one of those moments where he just knew that I found out something life changing.

“We're having a baby girl.”

After all of the trouble we've had in the last year I didn't care at all whether it was a boy or a girl, but now I'm super-excited and happy to start the nesting process. My kids are really happy as well to have a new little sister on the way in March 2015.