Everyone on the planet needs sleep. The reality is that some of us get and need more sleep than others. During the seven or so hours we have our heads on a pillow, we are often delivered messages from the dream world. There are many aspects to getting a good night’s rest that prepares you to have good dreams. In this article I share my top tips and secrets for your evening rituals.

There can be many different types and styles of dreams. Some of them are a hint as to what is manifesting in the future, whereas others are a way for our subconscious minds to sift through the thoughts and (sometimes junk) of our waking lives.

Everybody dreams, but not everybody remembers.

Many different cultures believe that our dream life is more important than our waking life.

I’m one of those people that has vivid dreams nearly every single night. My husband often says that my dreams sound like movie scripts because of how highly detailed they are. I’ve had past life dreams, dreams of my children prior to their birth and warning dreams.

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There are many things you can do to prompt a response from the dream world. For instance, you can make sure there is no screen time just before you retire for the night. The light from a screen can interfere with your brain’s ability to rest and rejuvenate deeply.

Evening Rituals Before Sleep

Lately, my husband and I have been reading my candlelight, and drinking a “Lucid Dreaming Tea” from a company called Anima Mundi. It’s not a drug, it’s actually natural herbs that help to relax the central nervous system and open your third eye. It’s definitely worth a try because of how relaxed it will make feel.

Honor your temple

Another thing you can do is watch what you eat in the evening. A full stomach means sometimes your dreams aren’t reachable because you’re in “digestion mode” instead of preparing for the sacred space of your inner dream world. 

Track the cycles

I have something called an OURA ring that tracks my sleep cycles and lets me know how much deep rest I get every night. Usually when I see that I have had over 2 hours of REM sleep, my dreams are incredibly vivid.

Write it down

Keep a dream journal beside your bed so you don’t lose your dream narrative as soon as you wake up. I also have something that is getting launched soon that I know you will adore as part of your evening ritual.

Ask the Universe

Always ask the Universe to send you a dream or a sign. When you connect with the Universe on a nightly basis you spark a powerful conversation with the field of infinite potential.

Use your intuition

By all means, look up the meaning of your dreams. However, due to the numerous interpretations of dreams please rely on your own intuition to discern what truly feels right for you. Only you know what certain people, totems or signs represent.

There is so much infinite wisdom available to you if you are just willing to connect to the magic of the dream world.

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