First up, define success on your own terms. It’s different for everyone. What you deem successful might be something very different for someone else.

It’s always important to remember that the nature of success is quite illusionary. There is a lot of room for assumptions. So the best practice is to never assume that someone has their life all figured out financially, emotionally, spiritually. It’s always best to play in your own lane.

The way I like to see success is being able to check the box when you achieve a big goal.

For me it’s the deep gratitude for my best and biggest manifestations – my husband, my children, my books, the community that is drawn to my work.

Success isn’t a thing – it’s a feeling.

Listen to this as a podcast:

For instance, in my business over the last decade I’ve made millions of dollars. In my 20s when I was in my first marriage my idea of success was to make $100,000 per year. And let’s be real – that was a huge, wild and fantastic goal. I never truly thought it was possible – even with my strong beliefs in the power of manifestation.

When I became a single mother living on welfare back in 2009, I would define success by being able to buy the fancy 4 ply toilet paper. I know that sounds simplistic, but not having to worry about the difference between the no-name brand and the fancy brand felt like an impossible goal. Unattainable luxury.

However, the awareness was there to remind me to be grateful for what I did have, because that’s where all manifestations grow from.

We go through different seasons of success in our lives to expand our consciousness around abundance.

Now onto the daily rituals for success to maintain awareness of what’s possible.

These daily rituals help to make you feel excited about all the good things you are attracting into your life.

1. Start your day with connection to the Universe


Meditate, pray, write in your Dear Universe journal, practice gratitude or use affirmations to set the tone for your day. The best days begin with a connection point to the Divine. This raises your vibration and sets you up for success no matter what unfolds throughout your day.

2. Take care of your body


This means eating vibrant foods that nourish your temple and give you energy. You also want to move your body. If you’re not someone that loves to exercise, then do the best you can with what you have – just start. Go for a walk in nature or spend time in a park. Also make sure you hydrate. Successful people need to have brains that are efficient. Also consider taking vitamins and supplements if you can because most food these days (especially if processed) has a heavy chemical load.

Here is a list of vitamins I take every day:

Treat yourself with love, care and respect. This includes the ways you speak to yourself. I talk a lot about the importance of this in my book BE THE LOVE.

3. Get Organized and Plan Your Day


One of the biggest assets on the path to success we can focus on is how we use and utilize our time. In the spirit of full transparency this is an area of my life that I still need to master – but I am willing to do so. Getting organized in your day-to-day life makes things so much easier and you end up saving so much time. This results in you having more time to be productive.

This means planning what you will wear tomorrow by putting your clothes out at night. Your brain will thank you. We spend so much time deciding what we’re going to wear, what we’re going to eat or watch. The average person spends 17 minutes trying to decide what they will watch on Netflix each day. My idea is to create a “watch list” so you can narrow down on your choices.

Organizing your ideas and to-do lists are also a great way to manage your time. I like to use the ACTIONS app by Moleskine. And I also adore my friend Mark Joyner’s platform called Simpleology – this is for people that want to learn about the science of productivity. I tend to love old fashioned paper planners too to mark important dates such as birthdays down on a calendar.

And then there’s meal planning. I use Instacart and save hundreds of hours going to the supermarket each month. If you need a sign up code you can use this one: SPROUT1DDD5

4. Learn to take inspired action


It’s so easy to stay in our comfort zones and not venture out into new realms of possibility. Here are a few things I’d like you to consider:

I wouldn’t have landed big book deals if I didn’t first send a query letter. I wouldn’t have made millions of dollars if I didn’t sign up for course to learn about digital marketing. I wouldn’t have gotten over my intense fear of public speaking if I didn’t invest in professional training. I wouldn’t have left my first marriage if I didn’t pack my bags and make a plan.

You see success is a big picture that is built on taking daily inspired action. The more lines you have in the water, the more fish you will catch.

Day by day you build your habits of awareness to create and construct a life you feel happy about. And it begins now. Success can be a dangerous trap that can keep you separate from the present moment. But if you can learn to activate the magic of the present and trust that all good things are coming to you, then success is something that you’ll see as an energy and not a thing.

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