To the healer, the metaphysical teacher, the channel, the mystical priestess, the shaman, the artist, the yogi, the meditator and the spiritual entrepreneur…this is for you, my love.

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.


You are ALLOWED to make money from sharing your work, your truth, and your wisdom. You are WORTHY of attracting abundance from the powerful and important work you do in the world to help wake up the planet. The conscious collective of humanity needs you.

There can never be too many lightworkers, in fact, we need as many as possible to counteract the suffering and scary stuff happening in the world right now.


By disseminating spiritual concepts, teaching others how to connect to the Divine within, and helping people to tune into their infinite potential, we begin to heal humanity piece by piece. We shine our light so brightly that it inspires people to heal themselves, dive into their pain and use self-forgiveness as the most powerful tool to spark soulful and deep transformation.

I felt the strongest need to express this because a lady commented with the following statement on one of my Facebook ads:

Why does anything and everything that helps you to awaken cost money? It amazes me how people charge and charge and charge. I am a reiki practitioner and I do not charge. Most people can’t afford to pay for healing. Why not do something for the masses that is free and will help people grow? Why? Because of the almighty dollar and greed. *Shaking my head* (SMH).

If this lady was magically granted her wish for the world to be the way it should be (on her terms), then all books in every bookstore that are in the self-help/spirituality section should be free! Um? No. Not quite sure it can work like that, actually.

The “almighty dollar” is indeed a powerful energetic force. And I whole-heartedly believe that there are so many worse ways that people can earn their money from actually (and intentionally) harming people and seeing the magical dollar signs in their eyes. For instance, there are people selling heroin, sex slave drivers, child pornographers and organ harvesters and the horrendous list goes on and on. I believe these are motivated by greed because they are conducted in the name of exploitation of the human spirit.

Charging someone for a session of Reiki is an energetic exchange that facilitates the flow of abundance and wellness. Me, charging less than $10 for a manifesting ritual is teaching a way of energy management that could create empowering change in a person’s life.

In my line of work “selling” tools that can help you to awaken spiritually is a really important commodity within society. It’s also a way of me valuing myself and my mission. I am fortunate enough that I run a very successful multi-million dollar company with my husband that allows me to provide for our children. I am actually living proof that my products and my message works. You can read my story here to see how I went from living below the poverty line to now living a life of financial freedom. I teach the Law of Attraction because I have LIVED the Law of Attraction.

I didn’t get to where I am today by screwing people over. I didn’t get to where I am by hurting anyone or thinking that money is the focus (as much as I do LOVE money). My husband and I have been dedicated to this vision and mission for the last 6 years together.

Money is just energy. And it’s the energy and the beliefs that you attach to money that will either welcome it into your life or make it want to stay as far away from you as humanly possible. And it’s not really about the dollars, it’s about the feeling of abundance. Abundance is an attitude, an outlook, a way of viewing the world with reverence, gratitude and appreciation for everything that shows up.

And when you allow for the beauty of what you LOVE, set the pace for what you do in the world, then you are the true embodiment of the energy of abundance.

If you love reading and getting inspired by people’s stories of triumph over adversity then you will adore my bestselling Adventures In Manifesting series. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and you’ll celebrate the journeys that these incredible souls travelled to manifest their desires. If you’re looking for some inspiration, this is it. 


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