Can you cast a love spell and make someone fall in love with you? Can you manifest a new house for your mother? Can you manifest an ex-lover back into your life? Can you manifest wellness and health for someone else?

These are beautiful questions I get asked all the time. The simple answer to all of these is NO. You can’t manifest for other people because there are many metaphysical elements and principles that need to be considered.

As you know, we all have this incredibly innate power within us to create our own reality with our feelings and our thoughts. What we can’t do is impact and govern the vibrational frequency of another human being without their consent. Even if they do consent consciously to receive your energetic assistance, it’s still all reliant on the individual to do their own work. It’s virtually impossible to gain control over someone else’s soul space.

Every vibrational offering that we radiate out there into the Universe is because we make a choice to allow it to buzz off into the ethereal realm. It’s personal, custom-made and unique.

Even if it’s not a seemingly conscious choice, it is an agreement that your higher self signs off on and permits. We need to remember that manifesting is an oh-so-personal journey and as pure and loving as our intentions might be to manifest something for someone else, there is something important to remember called: FREE WILL. Free will is the ability to choose (whether conscious or unconscious, the path we desire to follow).

For example, many people write to me saying that they want an ex-lover to fall in love with them again. They believe that using my Ancient Manifesting Ritual will be the most effective way to manifest an old flame back into their reality.

Now don’t get me wrong, my ritual has helped thousands of people to manifest soulmates, babies, new jobs, book deals, houses and lottery winnings but there’s one thing it can’t do and that’s interfere with someone’s free will.

You can’t force the energetic field or the Universe to make someone love you when that’s not the path of their vibration or destiny. There is no magic potion you can make them drink that will all of a sudden make them have cartoon love hearts in their eyeballs for only you.

To manifest from that space is a form of psychic abuse of another human being. You don’t have the right, or the power to obsess about another human being and believe that they will magically land back into your life. This kind of strategy towards the conscious creation process is damaging only to you. (Please note: If this has been you, please be gentle on yourself and show yourself some compassion. This manifesting journey has quite a steep learning curve.)

There’s a subtle beauty in life that appears when you just trust and surrender to everything unfolding as it should in its own perfect Divine timing. When you allow other people to just get on with their own lives without your interference, then you relinquish co-dependent behaviors and set your soul free. There’s no rush, no obsession, no impatience, no expectations. It’s just pure chillthefuckout energy that allows for the flow of vibration to manifest your desires more easily and effortlessly.

Yes, send love in people’s direction. Send prayers, dedications during meditations, putting in a good word with the Universe, delivering healing vibes, but don’t be creepy about it by thinking you can control the destination of destiny. No one likes that because attempting to tamper with someone’s free will is like crashing a party and taking a dump on top of the birthday cake. And I’m not sure anyone would be thrilled to manifest that!

Just remember to swim in your own lane and trust that the Universe has your back. xo


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