12 Pieces of Spiritual Wisdom That Will Transform Your Life

Things can happen in life that make you hit rock bottom, feel like you’re stuck in a rut or trapped in the monotonous cycle of the daily grind. But what if you stopped to smell the roses? What if you took time to remind yourself that there’s a much bigger picture at play and it’s time to venture out of your head and into your beautiful heart?

Here are 12 Pieces of Spiritual Wisdom That Will Transform Your Life…

1. You’re here to learn and grow

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. The true beauty of life is activated with the awareness that growth can’t be avoided and that everything that happens is a sublimely crafted lesson for the expansion of your consciousness.

2. Everything happens in Divine timing

You might get impatient and tired of waiting for Mr. Right to show up, the million dollars to land in your bank account, or for your baby to manifest – just remember that everything happens in Divine timing. Meaning, everything unfolds when it is meant to. Your higher self is in the driver’s seat vibrationally aligning with your desires in order for them to manifest into your physical reality.

3. There always has to be a better way

A powerful lesson that is taught in the book ‘A Course In Miracles’ states that there always has to be a better way. This means that there are always unlimited possibilities that can unfold for you and our role is to surrender to the process trusting that the Divine within will illuminate the path.

4. Getting comfortable with uncertainty is the secret

When you release attachments to a specific outcome and you cease clinging to safety then miracles will happen. Nothing powerful or amazing ever came from a comfort zone.

5. Without gratitude, you’re running on empty

You can’t feel pissed off when you’re feeling grateful. One of the deepest spiritual practices is to cultivated appreciation for everything that shows up in your reality – even the shitty stuff.

6. Your thoughts become things

The Universe listens and responds to everything you think and feel. ‪Basically, everything you put out there will always come back to you. Florence Shovel Shinn refers to it as the law of ‘Boomerangs’.

So here’s a question for you: What are your thoughts creating right now? If you need direction and guidance with this question then I’d highly encourage you to learn my powerful 5×55 manifesting formula that thousands of my students have experienced success implementing. 

7. You cannot waste time or make mistakes

Since everything constructs the fabric of who you are NOW, then time cannot be wasted. Also, since you’re a human being you’re totally allowed to make mistakes. It’s how you learn to choose to take the high road next time and choose a better way.

8. Empathy and compassion keep you connected

We’re all ONE – part of the same exquisite whole that animates the entire Universe. When you hold space for others with your intuitive and emotional faculties then you actively close the gap of separatism and open your heart to the almighty power of humanity.

**Just meditate on that one for a moment.**

9. Your body is a temple

I believe that everything is a downward flow from the spiritual, to the mental and then the physical. When you take care of your soul it will show in your body such as through maintaining vibrant health and vitality. Also, fuelling your temple with ‘live’ foods will help a lot too.

10. We are vibrational beings

We live in a Universe that is an ‘ocean of motion’ – everything contains a buzzing frequency and like always attracts like. Just remember that you are a beautiful clump of atoms that waft through this life intentionally.

11. Bliss is essential for living fully

Feeling good is so much more powerful than the negative energy generated by consciously choosing to be sad or cranky. The best way to use your time wisely is to laugh, do things that make you happy, get out of your head and into your heart and fully allow yourself to feel awe and wonder. Babies and children have it dialled in, so allow your inner child to lead the way.

12. One day you’re going to transition (kick the bucket)

Immortality is so easy to forget when you have screaming kids, dinner to make, bills to pay and other vacuous pursuits to prioritize. Just remember that life is a gift and being present with each moment will make you have a much fuller experience.

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