Have you ever questioned if your manifesting habits are actually serving you?

I wouldn’t be doing my job as a manifestation teacher if I didn’t share the tried and tested ways we tend to get in our own way as human beings. Sometimes the heart-centered modes of mindfulness can prompt a swift decent into self-sabotage if we’re not careful.

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Before I begin, please note that I am not in any way saying that you need to be “perfect” on your manifestation journey. However, it’s helpful to dig a little deeper to know what to let go of in order to serve you on a higher level.

First up. What are bad manifesting habits?

Bad manifesting habits are the actions that you take on your spiritual journey that poop on your parade and slow your progress. And trust me, these habits can be sneaky and we don’t even realize until it’s too late.

So here it is…

7 Ways To Let Go Of Bad Manifesting Habits

1. Pay attention to how you speak

The words you choose to use hold serious power to create your reality. If you’re constantly complaining or being negative or gossiping, then your vibration is being held hostage by the things you say. One of the fastest ways you raise your vibration is to be mindful of the things you speak into existence and reinforce into your existence.

2. Declutter your environment

The way we choose to keep our home environment speaks volumes about what we are in the process of creating space for in our lives. If you are in a constant state of chaos and mess, then guess what signal this is sending to the Universe? “Please Universe, send me more chaos and mess.” The best thing to do is create harmony in your living and work environment so that it creates space for welcoming your desires.

3. Vote with your dollars

Our hard-earned money transmutes into power when we consciously choose where to spend our dollars. What are you supporting? What do you feel passionate about? Supporting local business is always a great place to begin. Also, consider who and what you are supporting. I’m not going to venture into the realm of political discussion here, but HOW and WHERE you spend your money matters.

4. Be mindful of what you eat + drink

Your body is your temple. Everything you consume has a vibration code of possibility. I recently heard the most life-changing quote about food and it was this:

“You either struggle with discipline or you struggle with disease.”

This stopped me in my tracks to remember that our health manifests in accordance to how we fuel our tanks.

5. Meditate and spend time in nature

This one is a game-changer because if you’re on a manifesting journey and you don’t connect with the source of your manifestations then the Universe won’t get the message. Pray, spend time in nature, walk on the beach, hike, look up at the stars, do breath work, say affirmations or mantras. Remember:

Everything is energy and the more we align with the vibration of what we desire, then the easier it will be for our desires to manifest.

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6. Stop believing everything you read

Find your trusted sources. Stay informed, but remember that there are two sides to every story. The more we get swept into the drama of information we don’t know for sure is 100% truth, the more it warps our perception of who we are and what we are capable of achieving. Rise above the narrative and find your own truth. Also, remember you do not have to explain your beliefs or position to ANYONE.

7. Practice gratitude for even the tiniest of things

Gratitude for what you have now is the magic sauce of manifestation. No matter how tiny your expression of appreciation is, just remember that feeling grateful will send a very clear signal to the Universe that you are in the active process of making magic.

Every moment is an opportunity to be grateful.

Which one of these did you resonate with the most and why? And remember…

If you are willing to raise your hand — do the inner work – and take emotional responsibility for your life (the good and the seemingly “bad”) – then I encourage you to preorder a copy of Be The Love today…

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