Rise Up and Be The Light

America has elected a new president and many people are either seriously saddened, or celebrating a wild victory. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of decisions right now, it’s important to remember the higher purpose behind everything that happens and unfolds in life.

I woke up crying this morning and thinking about the future my children will be facing. And then I decided it was time to shift my awareness and my perception because I have the power to guide my own vibrational frequency.

A phrase that has been echoing around in my head over the last few weeks has been: “Show me where God/The Universe is not?”

This means that everything is ultimately Divinely created, guided and planned, even if it doesn’t feel that way. We’ve always lived under a veil of mind-based perception and so when this beautiful opportunity is presented to us to see beyond the limitations, it’s important to remember Oneness. We must not use this as an opportunity to cast judgment and separate us from others.

We are being called to rise up and BE THE LIGHT.

We must choose LOVE over fear and remember that we’re all in this together.

I’m an Australian living in Las Vegas and it’s been such a fascinating process to watch the election campaign unfold over the last year. The media has done an excellent job (as it so often does) at encouraging separation and planting the sad seeds of fear and doubt into people’s hearts and minds. For me, I’m not going to buy into it and you shouldn’t either.

Here’s why…

People wanted change, so they voted for Mr Trump. People wanted change so they voted for Hillary. People (on both sides) desired change. The core essence and desire for both parties here is deep transformation for the country and for the people. So it’s important to remember that we have a personal responsibility to ourselves and our children to manage our energy wisely – especially to some of our daughters who feel disappointment right now – to BE THE CHANGE.

I get people criticizing me sometimes merely for the fact I live in Las Vegas. And to be brutally honest there are aspects of this place that exhibit the shittiest parts of humanity. We’ve got exploitation of women (advertised everywhere) promoted as consumable objects. We’ve got gambling, where people come to Vegas to spend beyond their means. We’ve got scary levels of violent crime. We’ve got low-ranking schools. We’ve got the more women living in poverty than men. We’ve got terrible levels of homelessness and the list goes on. It’s places like this though, and ‘themes’ like this that operate as threads within society that need energetic support from lightworkers.

We need to raise the consciousness of the planet and do the deep spiritual work required to make the necessary changes. That’s just a tiny reason I consciously choose to call this crazy city my new home. But simply put, we can’t turn our backs or turn a blind eye to things we don’t agree with. We can, however, offer our compassion and non-judgment to keep the energetic balance steady and loving.

The darkness needs to be illuminated by the light, always.  You MUST stand strong in the unshakable belief that God/The Universe animates everything in this beautiful world. Right down to the tiniest atomic level we are buzzing with omnipresent and omnipotent energy. We must remember that we have the power to lovingly fight for our beliefs on a personal level no matter what they are and no matter who runs the government. 

After all, we’re all made out of the same batch of stardust.

Avoid getting dragged into the drama because you ultimately lose. Your energy gets drained and you ignore your super-powers to work with the Divine guidance that is always on offer to you moment by beautiful moment.

Celebrate today, because it’s an opportunity to love at a deeper level and dive into the stellar spiritual work where the seemingly crazy chaos becomes Sublime order. It’s time to work with the unseen miracles that are in the process of unfolding. And feel grateful no matter what, feel incredibly grateful because you ALWAYS have the power to make a difference in your world and the world around you. 

This is your call to rise up and be the light.