A few days ago I was in one of my favorite new places (Palm Beach, Florida) and we were finding a restaurant to eat at for dinner. We didn’t have reservations and knew there could be a wait time of over an hour or so.

“Hey Mum, can you do your manifesting magic, please? ”

Said my 16-year old daughter Olivia.

I laughed and said of course I would.

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The reason I’m writing this because it has worked three times in the last week so it’s an important energy experiment to share with you.

So we go into the restaurant and the guy says it will be over an hour until our table would be ready.

KEY NUMBER #1: Manage your energy. Don’t dive into the drama or the disappointment. Accept what is. Of course, always ask if there’s a chance it will be sooner, but accept what is.

We then decided to walk around the fashion stores and fill out time before the table was ready.

KEY NUMBER #2. We were determined to have fun and make the most of this hour window.

But here’s the #1 Manifestation Tip:

Infinite patiences produces (almost) immediate results.

Someone once told me this when I was going through a season of extreme disappointment in my life.

Infinite patience is going with the flow and making the most of what you have.

Guess what happened next?

Within 10 minutes our table was ready.

Only a few days earlier the same thing happened.

The secret sauce is to trust in the timing of things and bring presence to the process.

Yes, manifesting a table in a restaurant might seem a little over-simplified but it’s a wonderful way to train yourself to become a powerful manifestor. Here are some other examples…

  • I was told it would take 5 years to move to the US. We got our green cards approved within 6 months.
  • I was told it would take 5 years to get my US citizenship. It took 13 months.
  • I was told I couldn’t have children when I was 19. I have four beautiful humans that call me mama.

Timelines are always on the Universe/God’s timing. Our job is to trust it.

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