You read that right. And it’s not easy to admit.

I had an affair.

Back in 2009 –  I did “the one thing” that brought me more shame and self-loathing than practically anything else I could have done… 

I slept with a man who was not my husband. 

The tell-all story — what happened, why it happened and ultimately — how I “un-manifested” my limiting beliefs and shame around the specific event, are all here: 

Listen to the entire MANIFEST with Sarah Prout podcast episode on “I Had An Affair: How To UN-MANIFEST Shame” now in the iTunes store or on Spotify.

An important note on shame

Shame is a very sensitive topic with many emotional nuances and aspects that are difficult to convey in such a short time.

I haven’t shared this photo with anyone or explained the timeframe it was taken in. This was the very same week I broke every code within my moral compass.

The sadness in my eyes is very real.

I’d been through a decade long abusive relationship and I was having an affair. My heart was hurting and the shame manifested into many different aspects that would haunt me for years.

With that being said, healing IS possible. I really wish I’d had a copy of Be The Love to help to accelerate the journey back to being myself.

It’s also one of the motivational reasons why I wrote my upcoming book: Be The Love: Seven Ways to Unlock Your Heart and Manifest Happiness. 

If your heart has ever felt hurt whether you have made mistakes, been betrayed or walked a challenging path, the method I outline in the book will help you to feel, heal and reveal an empowered way forward.

If you are willing to raise your hand — do the inner work – and take emotional responsibility for your life (the good and the seemingly “bad”) – then I encourage you to preorder a copy of Be The Love today…

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I’m sending you so much LOVE,

Sarah xo

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