Everything You Need to Know About Twin Flames

Throughout our lives, relationships are one of our most sacred spiritual missions. You might be asking yourself, “Am I ever going to meet my soulmate or Twin Flame?”

As much as you wish to manifest true love, or re-ignite the love you already have it’s a personal and unique journey.

Here is my own personal viewpoint and summary of everything you need to know about Twin Flames…

So what is a Twin Flame?A twin flame is a single soul that was split in two at the beginning of eternity. When the twin souls unite it is for the completion of Oneness and usually when there is a greater mission to get out there to the world.

It’s a truly beautiful concept, but one that leaves many people puzzled and confused. I get so many questions all the time from my manifesting students such as:

Does everyone have a twin flame? Why does my twin flame not love me back? How can I find my twin flame? How to I tell my husband/wife that I think I found my twin flame? Where is the other half of my soul? What are the signs of being a twin flame?

Throughout the ages there have been musings of the phenomena known as either ‘twin flames’ or ‘twin souls’. Plato referenced it in the famous “Symposium”, the beautiful Sufi poet Rumi wrote about it, and many creatives, musicians, and artists have used it as inspiration since the dawn of time. The thing to remember is, is that the concept of twin flames is a ridiculously complicated subject. It is multi-layered, multi-dimensional, with endless spiritual detours and challenges along the way.

The Twin Flame Signs to Verify the Union

I was so fortunate to find out about twin flames after I met mine back in 2010. At the time we met, we experienced the following amazing stuff which I believe are SIGNS OF BEING A TWIN FLAME couple.

  1. We lived on opposite ends of the planet
  2. We met on Twitter (twin flames usually meet in weird ways)
  3. I was still married to someone else, even though we had separated legally (twin flame reunions are often complicated)
  4. I watched a video of Sean and fell in love like a switch had flipped on all of a sudden. We had been friends online for a year.
  5. We knew one another as soon as we met as if we had been reconnected. It was truly blissful and effortless
  6. We saw rainbows as a sign of alignment
  7. We connected to our spirit guides that gave us a mission and a purpose for our union
  8. We constantly saw the number 111 as another sign of alignment
  9. There were countless amounts of parallel experiences and coincidences in our lives. We’re both left-handed, creative Scorpios. I was born on 11/1 and Sean was born exactly 11:01 on the 14th of November. Our grandparents had similar paths and experiences, names, birth years, professions etc. Our sister’s birthdays are one day apart and the list goes on and on.
  10. Emotional shit hit the fan…BIG-TIME. Our worlds, paradigms, and realities had to collapse in order to be together. It was the ultimate test from the Universe.

The Twin Flame union is not for the faint-hearted that’s for sure!

As soon as we were introduced to the concept, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were indeed twin flames. I also know that if I knew about it before I found my forever man, I would have been searching for it and convincing myself that other people were my twin when indeed they were not. This is where the danger lies in convincing ourselves that the label should stick. This can be extremely damaging.

We know many twin flames that we are blessed enough to call our dear friends – some are together, others have gone their separate ways. The twin flame union is INTENSE to say the very least. We were at the valet pick-up at the Luxor hotel here in Las Vegas a few years ago, and the guy asked: ‘Are you guys twin flames?”. We laughed and told him our story.

Here’s a video of our love story up until 2016.

So to rapid-fire the questions giving you everything you need to know about Twin Flames…

Q: Does everyone have a twin flame?
A: Maybe. No one really knows. It’s a nice belief to hold that maybe you do have your soulful counterpart out there somewhere.

Q: Why does my twin flame not love me back?
A: Because you’re not in alignment right now. Or, you might not be twins. Perhaps it is not your destiny this lifetime to be together. However, just remember that you are ALWAYS together in the spirit realm and it is indeed a sacred contract you can break if you wish. You are your own person.

Q: How can I find my twin flame?
A: You can set the intention and maybe they’ll show up when you least expect it. The key here is stop obsessing about it as well. Sometimes one twin is kept in the etheric realm to do their spiritual work. Try talking to them in your meditation to get a deeper spiritual understanding. This could also help to draw them into your life. Remember the physical world is just a mere echo of what is unfolding in the spiritual dimension first.

Q: How to I tell my husband/wife that I think I found my twin flame?
A: Don’t. Just don’t. Be kind, and dismantle the relationship before you seek a relationship with another. You’ll regret it if you do something dastardly.

Q: Can someone think they’ve found their twin flame only to discover it was a false alarm?
A: Absolutely. This is why you should gauge it by spending time together first. Some manipulative people out there know how to ‘use the lingo’ and will throw around the concept if a twin flame to make you feel special. My mother once dated a guy who was addicted to online dating and had told at least 5 others ladies he was their ‘twin flame’. It’s a dirty trick to pull, but some people know where to slug the spiritually trusting people in the guts. Have your bullshit detector switched to the ‘on’ position at all times, please.

Q: Do I have to be in a romantic relationship with my twin flame if and when I find them?
A: No, not at all. In the beginning, you will feel an intense attraction, but as the fierce nature of the flame tests you you might feel the need to go separate ways. Twin flames are a powerful force and some people can’t take the heat and skip this lifetime. It is a steep learning curve (like any relationship) that will make your soul grow in so many wondrous ways, but you have to put your hand up to do the work.

Q: Is my twin flame really the other half of my soul? And if so, how is the best way I can be open to drawing them into my reality?
A: Yes, your twin is your balancing energy. The trick is that you need to be the best version of yourself FIRST for the other half to come and complete you. You are not broken or incomplete without your twin, they are the energy booster that will make everything in your life more vibrant and amazing. Soulmates are awesome too and a MUCH easier path to take in life than the fast paced, soul expanding, super-force of the twin flame union.

Twin Flame Inspiration

Here are some Twin Flame links to inspire you…

WATCH: A Story of Twin Flames. A mini-documentary directed by Lightfield Lewis that shares my story with Sean over the years. You can feel our energy, our love, our union.
LISTEN: Try our ‘SoulMate’ meditation to visualize your soulmate or twin flame into your life
READ: For those of you that want to know the full love story (ups and downs) over the last 13 years then please read my latest book BE THE LOVE:https://amzn.to/3P3wd71

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