How to Ensure Your Child Feels Worthy

Recently I was minding my own business in the parking lot at Target when I overheard a mother screaming in her 7-year old daughter’s face. I had many bags of shopping to load into my car, so it meant that I had to stand in close proximity to the abuse that was unfolding.

“It’s your fault your father will leave us! He can’t stand you anymore and the way you fight with your brother. It’s not fair to me the way you are always misbehaving. It’s your fault this family is falling apart and that I’m not happy.”

…and the barrage of blame continued for at least 3 minutes.

The woman was right up in the girl’s face pointing her finger. She had to stoop in order to get down to the tiny height of this little being.

The girl kept saying she was sorry and was crying profusely.

“Stop saying you’re sorry because you won’t do anything about it anyway.”

The kid was so sad, so deflated and was being verbally abused. I could only imagine if the mother was off-loading like this in a public space what it would be like at home behind closed doors.

In this moment I made the decision not to interfere and not to judge. Instead, I decided to have a conversation with my daughter Olivia in the hope the woman would hear me close by and maybe slow down her fierce pace of anger. Thankfully, it worked. The woman and I locked eyes and she knew I had just heard everything she said. Her eyes were filled with tears, my eyes were also filled with tears and she could see that.

As an empath, I could feel her sadness, her lack of worthiness and her desperation. A person has to be in a lot of emotional pain to take it out on their child. I felt for the mother and the child and decided to energetically send them love instead. When I drove off in my car, my 11-year-old daughter Olivia and I were shocked by this interaction.

This incident reminded me of the importance of feeling worthy in our lives. It becomes a pivotal point of power (when you have children especially) because you are responsible for shaping their core beliefs about who they are in the world when they are adults.

The screaming woman was literally shaping this child’s beliefs before my very eyes.

I am not worthy.
I am worthless.
I am nothing.
I am broken.

The damage she was doing in those few minutes was changing the code and configuration of this beautiful girl’s soul AND her own.

This is because when you BLAME someone else for the way you are feeling you are handing over your power and you are making other people responsible for your happiness.

As a mother of four beautiful children (1 boy and 3 girls) it is my DUTY to ensure that they feel good about themselves as they move through life as empowered and heart-centered beings.

It is my intention to lead with love and do the best job I can to accept who I am, so that they can fully embrace who they are. Every interaction with your child is an opportunity to connect and to nuture. Sure, you’re not going to be 100% on track all the time, but set your intention to show up and be present as much as possible in the time that you do have.

I want you to remember this affirmation and share it with anyone that will listen…


Say it over and over again until it sinks into your cells and permeates your being.

Why are you worthy you might ask? Because you just are. You’re human, you’re beautifully flawed and it’s time to allow more joy and happiness to flow into your life, starting now. When you feel worthy, it will be the best gift and legacy that you could possibly offer your children.

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