The Transformative Power of Love and Joy

What I know for sure is that love is a transformative energy and joy is the ultimate currency of consciousness.

It helps you to manifest.

So when you set the intention to engage and embrace these two energies in your life – no matter whether you’re flying solo or paired up, you’ll notice that life begins to become more beautiful.

I’m talking about unconditional love, connection and Divine union to the energy field of limitless possibilities.

For me, I truly believe that the Universe/God is the highest frequency, wavelength or vibration of LOVE that governs ALL. It’s the animating force that pulsates throughout everything that exists. And so when you remember this truth then you begin to see the reality being sculpted around you and within you from a much more joyous and creative perspective.

You can spark joy and love in your life by following the three “C”s of manifesting energy.

+ Connection – when you remember to connect to the energy of the Universe and the LOVE that is constantly available to you. The fast-track to connection is always doing things that bring you JOY like cooking, dancing, fresh flowers, playing with your children, watching your favorite TV show and the list goes on.

+ Contribution – when you remember to be of service to others. Any feelings of guilt that arise from manifesting abundance can soon disappear when you remember that the more wealth or prosperity that you can generate will have a ripple effect of kindness in the world for people that need your help. When you give love, you receive love.

+ Compassion – when you remember to FEEL from a heartfelt perspective the honored viewpoint of others and also protect the sacred emotional landscape within yourself you activate compassion.

When you remember to go with the flow of love and joy whether it’s expressed through a spiritual partnership, the relationship you have with your children or your family, or even your pets – then you realize that every moment is a beautiful opportunity to open your heart and allow your desires to manifest.

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