At the time I am writing this article, I have spent most of the day in tears. It’s not because I’m hormonal or sad about anything in particular, it’s because there are some deep and profound changes that are taking place on a personal and professional level that require me to do some soul searching and spiritual spring cleaning. Let’s just say that I’m going to be stepping into a new role of visibility in a big way very soon. With that being said, I quite often find that the negativity, doubts and fears rise to the surface when I am on the brink of a breakthrough. Can you relate? **UPDATE: I have returned to my usual happy state. Thanks for all of the love, but I assure you that I’m back on track again after my 24 hours of clearing.

Today I want to talk about how to rise above negative energy and use it wisely.

The truth is that some people are just wired to be negative and that’s totally cool. Whatever floats their boat, right? They serve a divine role in life, the same way our own negative emotions, experiences and perceptions filter our own reality.

An example of this unfolds regularly in my private online membership, The Manifesting Academy, where we have over 1,500 members in the process of mastering the art of manifesting. At least several times a week we have a member write a call-out for emotional or spiritual support because they are having negative issues in their life, usually because they’re on the brink of a breakthrough of some kind. My community is a safe space to request healing energy because sometimes it really helps to ask for assistance and to know that you’re not alone. The weird thing is that from time to time I get people tagging me in the group and asking me if I should be concerned with someone expressing even the slightest hint of negativity. Sometimes people are afraid that an expression of frustration isn’t the place to do so in a manifesting community. Some people also hold the belief that asking for support is a form of weakness.

No matter how it seems to be framed, there are people that deal with the issue of negativity in one form or another throughout their lives. For some, just the thought of negativity or being exposed to someone else being negative can trigger a reaction of fear and stunt their manifesting efforts. This, I believe, is a silly rule.

But here’s the important thing to remember…

Negative energy is a vital and important element in the expansion of your soul and your consciousness. It should be used as an opportunity to gauge the contrasting energy and seek a path to balance and harmony.

When you remember to see it as a key piece in your soul growth, it helps to bring levity and lightness to seemingly troublesome situations.

So instead of cursing the naysayers, negative Nancies and party poopers that have skepticism wrapped around them like a wet blanket….THANK THEM. They are pushing you forward to a new level of awareness.

When you are experiencing negativity firsthand, it’s your call to rise above it and seek a new level of understanding. When someone else is exhibiting negativity it’s your soulful invitation to show compassion. There is a magnificent opportunity to learn from this energy so that we can identify what no longer serves us. However, it’s not an opportunity to create separation or judgement.

So-called “spiritual” people that reject negativity and deny its role in our lives aren’t embracing the fullness of our human condition. When we fear, we reject. When we make something wrong, we reject. When we demonize or judge something because it breaks our own code of conduct, we reject. It builds resistance, it creates separation and it doesn’t allow our souls the darkness it sometimes needs in order to find the light.

The truth to remember? You can’t see the stars without the darkness. xo

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