How to Close the Gap Between Intention Setting And Manifestation

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on the intention setting process to activate the Law of Attraction….

Part 1 – How to Feel Worthy Enough to Set Powerful Intentions for Abundance + Prosperity
Part 2 –
How to Activate The Magic of Your Intentions
Part 3 – [You Are Here] How to Close the Gap Between Intention Setting And Manifestation

As you’re writing down your resolutions, your goals and your intentions, you might notice that the little monster known as ‘doubt’ can rear her ugly head.

You might be listing out that you want to manifest a new home – a beautiful soul sanctuary for you and your family to feel happy, healthy and harmonious in. And then you think of the price…possibly even the work involved in order to find a house, pay for a house, maintain a house and the dream lifestyle and expenses that it entails. Your mind gets involved and your enthusiasm plummets at a rapid rate.

The feelings of frustration, doubt and fear rise to the surface faster than the speed of light. This is perfectly normal and a vital role in the manifesting process to “rise above resistance“. The bottom line is that you are being tested by the Universe and it happens on a moment by moment basis. 

So how can you steer your energy in a different direction when you identify that a test is being present to you? How can you break through the resistance and approach your manifesting pursuits from an exquisite new vantage point? How do you see beyond ‘what is’ and not get sucked into the illusion of your current reality?

Well the good news here is that your objective is to feel the resistance as it appears and then energetically transform it and release it. 

If you don’t learn how to do this – how to harness this power – then you create energetic blocks that inhibit the things/people/experiences that you desire from actually manifesting.

Closing the gap between what you intend NOW and what you wish to manifest all boils down to a simple shift in perspective. Could you do that? Could you cultivate the energy to not get swept away by your illusionary negative thoughts? 

There are 3 words you need to remember when trying to close the gap between intention and manifestation. They are:


I want you to write these down somewhere and refer to them when you feel your energy is headed in a negative direction.

WILLINGNESS is the first word to remember because it opens up your heart space to be open to all possibilities. You need to be able to authentically receive any and ALL of the goodies that the Universe delivers to you. You need to regularly check in on yourself and ask if you’re willing (truly willing and open) to transform your life when your desires start to roll in and manifest.

EXPANSION is the second word to hold dear to your heart. Absolutely nothing in this entire Universe is exempt from growing and evolving. In fact, everything that happens to you over the course of your life has been facilitating the expansion of your consciousness. When you become aware that everything contributes to your spiritual expansion then you start to see it as it’s happening and learn to become a silent witness to the energetic process. This is what makes sense of when negative patterns appear. Your job is to see it as part of the process of consciousness expansion and rise above it.

EXPECTANCY is the third word to remember. When you expect to see good things showing up into your reality then they will definitely appear more often and more frequently. The energy of expecting the outcome to work out perfectly no matter what shows up, will inherently rewire your vibration and program the Universe to deliver the things you’re anticipating.

Remember: 99.9% of the things we desire have already manifested on the ethereal realm first in the form of our vibration and energy. The seemingly hardest part of this process is aligning with those desires in order to release them into our physical reality.

Do you think you could give this as try? I think you’ll really enjoy the process.

With Love, Sarah xo

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