5 Comforting Signs The Universe Always Has Your Back

Have you had days when you feel like nothing is working and that the Universe has forgotten about you?

You might even get mad about it, feel slightly ticked off or resentful that others seem to be living out their beautiful intentions while you’re just waiting in the wings (impatiently) for life to show up and deliver your desires.

You're not alone. 

People always ask me how they can cultivate deeper trust in the Universe. They want to know the magical juice that will spark the connection to the Divine creator – the same energy that keeps the water in the ocean, the stars in the sky and transforms our thoughts and feelings into tangible, touch-worthy reality.

My answer is always the same, so I want you to listen up closely…

The primary purpose of all life is to close the gap of separation between ourselves and the Universe.

We’ve been given such a beautifully decorated invitation that states that our souls need to rise up and work with this most magnificent power (the Universe) to make the most of the hundred or so years we get allotted here to learn on this earthy plane.

So with that in mind I want you to remember the follow 5 super comforting things that help to cultivate the trust and the deep, sweet, beautiful belief that the Universe loves us and always (and I mean ALWAYS) has our backs…

1. Your intentions always manifest as soon as you get out of your own way

Science has told us that thoughts are things, that atoms clump together and like attracts like, but yet we still choose to get in our own way and keep the resistance alive that prevents our desires from manifesting.

Your job: Shine a light on the shit that isn’t working for you and choose a better action to take next time.

Rewire your beliefs to feel worthy to receive and live the life of your dreams.

2. You have the power to choose the present moment

In fact you don’t even get a choice because the present moment is all that exists.

It’s where the most amount of power you are ever going to cultivate actually resides. Learn to harness it in order to connect to the Universe and feel happy right now in this moment.

3. There is always so much to be grateful for

The Universe is really looking after you if you’re reading this article because:

A: You have a computer, a phone or a tablet which means you have access to electricity. Bingo. You're a super-fortunate soul that probably doesn't have to walk 10 miles to fetch fresh water each day.
B: You can read – which a lot of people on this planet are unable to do.
C. You’re able to understand what these words mean, which means you have brain function, oxygen in your lungs and good eyesight.

See? The Universe is REALLY looking after you. Feel that gratitude. Let it fill up your heart and make it swell with thankfulness.

4. Your intuition gets stronger the more you acknowledge it

The Universe is always leaving you little clues and Divine winks that you’re on the right path. Your job is to be on the lookout that your reality is being sculpted around you. It works by consciously cultivating the awareness that your are open to receiving messages. You might like the article I wrote here called 7 Signs The Law of Attraction is Working for You.

5. You are playing a very important role in the Oneness of humanity and there are NO MISTAKES

As I mentioned earlier, the primary purpose of all life is to close the gap of separation between ourselves and the Universe. The Universe (or God, the Source, the Force, or whatever) felt as if your soul was an excellent match and in perfect alignment to be on this planet at this point in time.

You’re here for a purpose – a mission if you will. The Universe has your back because if it didn’t you simply wouldn’t be here. You’d still be a twinkle in your Daddy’s eye, a little cherub waiting on a cloud in another etheric realm or you’d be a cabbage waiting to reincarnate into human form.

Your life is creation in motion. And your role is to see EVERYTHING that happens as an opportunity to trust that the Universe loves you and would never present you with anything that wasn’t good for your soul.
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