Earlier this year when Hurricane Harvey arrived I created my “Pray for Texas” Instagram quote to show my support. Then the hurricanes hit Florida and then Puerto Rico. There was also a massive earthquake in Mexico resulting in hundreds of deaths. Then in early October when the horrific massacre happened in the place that I currently call home (Las Vegas) I created a “Pray for Vegas” Instagram quote. And just yesterday yet another mass shooting happened in a Church (in Texas) where more than 25 people were killed in a place of worship. And you guessed it, the “Pray for Texas” quote (not mine) is now doing the rounds.

Our hearts feel heavy. We might feel angry and we might feel powerless. But the truth is that there is always going to be suffering and a call to rise up and send positive energy and prayers. However, we must take ACTION and do something rather than sitting back and wondering why nothing is changing. It doesn’t take much to create change.

This is why transforming your prayers into ACTIONABLE LIGHTWORK is where the real power resides.


Prayers + Action = Progress

In the personal development and spirituality space, it’s incredibly important to turn to teachers that are not willing to turn a blind eye to pain or negativity. Stepping into pain means facing your fears head on with bravery. By making the decision to step into the pain, you are also making the decision to free yourself and to create change. There is a powerful way to leverage negative energy, to raise not only your own vibration but the vibration of the planet.

Lightworkers know that being of service isn’t always easy, but we’re all on a sacred assignment. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this right now, then you are too. But beyond labels we’re human beings. We don’t need pretty pictures circulating around social media to remind us to pray. We need ACTION. And it doesn’t take much to be of service when tragedy hits and we need to come together. For instance. I donated hundreds of dollars of new underwear via Amazon.com to the people stuck in shelters during Hurricane Harvey because the brilliant and beautiful Brene Brown put the call out for help.

Your kindness goes a long way. And this doesn’t just have to be reserved for tragedies – kindness and taking action could be simply cooking a meal for a friend that’s just had a baby. You could open the door for someone when you’re at the post office. Or alternatively, you could be a kinder driver on the roads (this is MUCH needed). The process of ACTION is softening into the space of welcoming change through compassion and kindness. 

Examine what hurts your heart or makes you afraid and then HELP. If homelessness hurts your heart then donate clothes, blankets, food, and even time! If you feel that gun laws need to change then call your local Congress office or support an organization like Moms Demand Action. If you’re passionate about supporting mental health issues then research how you can help a charity like https://www.nami.org/. Do your due diligence, vote with your dollars, use your voice!

There are so many causes, so many prayers and not enough action.

And remember…

The Universe rewards action. Always. It’s how God works through you to create change in the collective consciousness.

I LOVE this Rumi quote that reminds us that we’re all in this together…

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

What would have to happen to ask yourself today: How can I be of service?

How can the Universe work through you today?

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