Kindness is contagious. It can spread like wildfire if we’re tuned into the impact our actions will have on others. Kindness has a snowball effect and it’s clear that being of service to others is where good feeling vibes reside. It’s a win/win for everyone that opens their hearts to help others in need. You raise your vibration and most importantly you get out of your head and into your heart. 

Last week, my Mum and I went to Trader Joe’s to buy some tonic water and were given two roses by a stranger giving out flowers (pictured above). She told us that they are a reminder of how beautiful we are and that we are unique and loved and to pay it forward with kindness. The energy of this brief conversation was incredible.

Just a few days later my husband Sean and I saw a guy standing on a corner with a sign that read:

“Happy-ness is a cheese burger.”

Without hesitation we drove to the nearest McDonalds and purchased him three cheese burgers, a Coke and some fries. The look on this guy’s face was priceless when I handed him the bag. It was as if he was a kid getting a toy at Christmas. He then folded up his little sign and went to eat his cheeseburgers.

It doesn’t take much to show people that they are loved and cared for. Also, it’s a powerful reminder of how the energy you put out there will always come back to you.

I don’t usually tell people how I support charities, but this story is particularly interesting. It’s illustrative of how the energy we put out there sometimes is mirrored back to us. Just before we moved to our beautiful new home a month ago, I saw a call-out on Instagram from a local women’s shelter here in Las Vegas called The Shade Tree. It’s been over 100 degrees (40 celsius) for months now and they needed water for the women and children. It was the day we were moving, so things were really crazy.

In America there’s this service called Prime Now (run by Amazon) and you can order groceries and other things that get delivered to your door step within a two hour window. It’s so awesome. So I changed my delivery address to the address of the Shade Tree and arranged a delivery of 10 cases of water (240 bottles) to be sent ASAP. For me, it’s such a simple thing to help out with, that means the world to the people that need water.

Fast forward about three weeks. I order an alkaline water service for my home because the tap water here in Las Vegas pretty dangerous to drink. They made a mistake with my order and give me my water shipment for FREE! I manifested the exact same amount of water for myself that I donated to the Shade Tree just a few weeks earlier! Again, this is just to illustrate what you put out there comes back to you.

*Please note this is not the energy you should give from. Giving without expectation is the key. It’s ALL about the intention you do something with.

I love this stuff. I love sharing these stories because it’s inspiring to remember the power we have when we help others that truly need it. You don’t have to be a reiki master or a yoga teacher to be a light worker. You don’t have to donate money to be a light worker. You can always donate time, advice, or even old items you no longer need. I have a powerful course in my Manifesting Academy all about how to declutter your home to attract more abundance. One of the lessons is about how to ignite the energy of kindness. Sometimes we need gentle reminders and guidance about how we can be of service.

Once you make that conscious choice to commit random acts of kindness, you’ll be amazed at the people, places, things and experiences that show up in your reality.

Life is magical.

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