What To Do When Your Intentions Won’t Manifest

More than likely you’ve set a powerful intention to manifest something really specific into your life like winning the lottery, buying your dream home or finally meeting your soul mate. This is totally normal by the way – all good things to dream big about.

You might have written down your goals, set some New Year’s resolutions, wished on a star, done a New Moon manifesting ritual and it’s been months, maybe even years, and your dream STILL hasn’t manifested. It's like being in a waiting room for hours, days or even months…

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? You know the drill. 

There will always be too much energetic resistance if you expect to manifest from a place of obsession and unrealistic timeframes. As the old saying goes:

“A watched pot never boils.”

It totally does by the way.

So here’s the thing to remember when your desires just won’t manifest…

Your impatience causes severe vibrational constipation. Think of it as traffic in gridlock on the freeways of Los Angeles – a well known expression of frustration for many people. The cars are the intentions and the destination is the result of manifestation, but no matter how much you push and push and push to get there faster, you have to wait for the chaos to be arranged for you to flow (with ease) to your end-point of choice and desire.

Have you ever seen those people on foot at traffic lights waiting at a crossing? They push the button once at the cross walk and then attempt to repeatedly push it over and over again quite frantically as if it’s going to make the traffic light change faster. It’s this kind of impatience that also blocks the flow of alignment.

A friend of mine once said: “Infinite patience produces immediate results.” And the exquisite truth behind this statement is awe-inspiring.

If your desires aren’t manifesting yet you need to do the following 3 things and you must promise to try them before ever complaining again that life is not working out for you….

1. Stop obsessing about the absence of your desire.

When you focus on the lack of your manifestation, then it blocks it from arriving into your reality. Distraction is powerful. Make it your goal to get out of your head and into your heart. Watch movies, binge watch TV, dance, cook, sing, read, write and FORGET about your focus on what you don’t have. Seek joy in the NOW.

2. Remember that manifesting is about how you FEEL, not what you have.

Stuff and money and material possession are not the name of the game. How you feel, right now in this moment is EVERYTHING. Once you master how to guide your emotions then you’ll realize that you are creating beautiful manifestation every single second of the day!

3. Everything appears in perfect Divine timing and it’s been beautifully aligned with what your soul needs.

If you can adopt the understanding of “this or something” better as how you’re manifestations will appear then you let go of the unrealistic expectations of perfectionism. Everything is Divinely planned and guided.

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