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How to Believe in Manifesting When The World Is Suffering

People living in poverty is truly heartbreaking.

Just the thought of babies dying of hunger, people contracting preventable diseases and young girls being trafficked as sex slaves sends most compassionate hearts into a tailspin of gut wrenching empathy.

How can this happen?

With the work that I do helping people to build wealth, attract abundance and manifest their desires, I sometimes notice an inner conflict within people wondering how they can thrive in a world of suffering.

It poses the question that if we do indeed create our own reality, then why do people choose to be born into suffering, into poverty, into violence or into disease?

Variations of this question tends to pop up in comment threads or prosperity affirmations that I share:

How can I believe in manifesting (and The Law of Attraction) when the world is suffering?

Do people attract violent crimes? Does a baby intentionally choose to be born to a terminally ill mother? Did I manifest my cancer? Why does war manifest? 

This topic is heavy. It can also potentially trigger annoyance and disbelief in the powers of the Universe – that we as human beings have the consciousness to construct the fabric of our own reality.

What I want to offer here is my perspective on this issue. This is my own unique take on the energetics of this hefty subject. This doesn't mean it's doctrine or truth – it's just my own version. So with that in mind, I encourage you to feel your own way into alignment with it and see if it resonates.

Here are the tools that I use in order to ‘remember' the spiritual aspect of suffering and honor all beings for the life journey they have been destined to play out.

Remember Gratitude

There are over 7 BILLION people on this planet and most of them live in poverty. This doesn't mean we also deserve to stunt our own abundance. In fact, if anything, creating wealth consciously means that we are able to help and impact more people and more lives.

Gratitude is a way to be thankful for our lives and to remember that others can have a much tougher time out there in the world.

We all have different starting points that can get better or worse depending on what shows up in our reality. There are people that live in extreme poverty and their levels of gratitude, spirituality and consciousness are much more dialled in than people that have ‘first world problems'.

Remember Perspective

People that are born into a specific situation don't know any differently – you included.  This is the beauty of life – that there is so much contrast. We all enter this planet with our own pre-designed destiny and sacred contract. We all play our role from our own specific vantage point.

Remember Oneness

We are all part of the same consciousness. There is no separation, we are all human beings in our unity. We are also spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Remember Grace

Suffering is the way that the human spirit evolves. It's an act of freedom to rise above the adversity and know that the way we perceive a situation can contribute to wellbeing. What we might see as suffering could be perfectly normal to someone else. Remember that God or The Universe never gives a person more than they can handle. 

Remember Consciousness

You have a choice to bring light to what your role is in the world. Choose to see the beauty. Choose to see the possibility, the wonder and the bigger picture. When you act from a place of conscious awareness from wherever you have come from in life then you have something to be grateful for.

Remember the Power of Giving

You really can't help everyone, as much as your heart bleeds for the world, you just can't. The best thing you can do is help where you can in manageable ways. It doesn't have to be a sizeable check or building a school or anything fancy. You can help eradicate suffering by donating clothes to charity, donating time to a local organization or supporting a fabulous charity like that empowers entrepreneurs in third-world countries with micro-loans. You even get your money back or you can choose to re-invest.

You can join my lending team here if you feel inspired.

In summary, you should never feel guilty that you were born into a beautiful life because every life is a miracle. 

It's all about perspective. It's all about Oneness. It's all about remembering to be grateful for everything that shows up in our lives because as much as thoughts become things. The Universe or God signs off on it all for the ultimate expansion of your soul and the awakening of our planet.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? I'd love to know, so please feel free to comment below. xo

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