7 Signs You Suck At Manifesting Your Desires

After writing 7 Signs The Law of Attraction is working for you I thought I’d like to explore the themes, traits and behaviours that actively sabotage your manifesting efforts. But before you accuse me of being a Negative Nancy please note that this post is intended to highlight ways that you can improve your results if you truly have your heart set on manifesting your intentions into reality.

You might resonate with some of these, all of these or only tiny aspects of them – but the key thing to remember is that you have the power to make minor tweaks in your approach which could be the difference between living the life of your dreams or living a batshit boring life where nothing exciting ever happens to you.

Whether you believe in manifesting or not, choosing LOVE over fear will always be a helpful game changer in your life as you move forward.

Here are 7 Signs That You Suck At Manifesting….and what you can do to shift your perspective and choose a more illuminated and LOVE-FILLED path.

So you might suck at manifesting if…

1. You use negative language pattens

If your words are used foolishly then you suck at manifesting.

How often do you say that you ‘hate’ something? How often do you reinforce beliefs, ideas and limitations that don’t truly serve you?

The way you choose your words has serious power. Everything that you say is heard by the Universe in the form of vibration and then echoes it back to you in the form of stuff that shows up in to your physical reality and experience.

The metaphysical remedy: Use your words carefully and choose language that will empower your experience.

2. You fear that there is never enough money

If you can’t be grateful then you suck at manifesting.

When you radiate the energy of lack then it makes it super tricky for the Universe to deliver the things you want to manifest. When you state that there isn’t enough of something, instead of showing appreciation for the things you do have then you actively BLOCK THE FLOW OF ABUNDANCE.

The metaphysical remedy: Always choose GRATITUDE and love over fear in all situations.

3. You can’t let go of the past

If you’re hanging onto the energy of yesterday then you suck at manifesting.

When you can’t truly allow yourself to move on from the stories of your past then you inhibit the energetic flow of possibility. You need to allow the past to stay in the past and learn to look forward to the energy of the future.

The metaphysical remedy: When you feel the need to indulge in the actions of the past and bring it up, focus your attention on the present moment. This is where the magic will happen!

4. You are unable to forgive people

If you’re hanging onto a grudge that sticks to your soul like shit to a blanket then you suck at manifesting.

Forgiveness is one of the deepest and most profound spiritual practices. When you learn how to let go and love the person (or experience) that wronged you – from a pure state of compassion- then your life will change dramatically. You will get out of your own way and be blown away at how fast you’ll start manifesting your desires.

The metaphysical remedy: Learn how to forgive people. It doesn’t mean you have to forget, but just stop wasting your energy on people that don’t deserve even the tiniest tincture of your time. Forgive them, let go and allow it to be a profound act of self compassion and love.

5. You don’t trust that the Universe has your back

If you can’t trust that you’re loved and protected by the Universe then you suck at manifesting.

When you open your heart up to trust in the power of infinite wisdom and that everything happens in divine timing then you are truly living in the beautiful energetic flow of life. That, my friend, is true living…true power.



The metaphysical remedy: Use affirmations to imprint your subconscious mind that the Universe LOVES you and always looks after your best interests.

6. You don’t have a clear vision

When you don’t have a clear vision for what you want to create then you suck at manifesting.

By taking the time to map out what your heart truly desires then you won’t run the risk of manifesting by default (which is what most people do). So whether you create a vision board, fill out an intention setting worksheet or use one of the most potent manifesting rituals that I know of, make sure that you time the time required to gain stillness and clarity to move forward. Specificity is the key.

The metaphysical remedy: Take time to map out a clear vision for yourself no matter what.

7. You don’t believe you are worthy

When you don’t believe you are worthy of living what your heart truly desires, then you suck at manifesting.

And you’re not alone with this one my love. This is by far the biggest hurdle to the manifesting process. Every single time you second guess your worthiness or that you should be living your life on your own terms then you actively sabotage truly using the Law of Attraction to your advantage.

The metaphysical remedy: Take time each day to love yourself. Create a reminder on your phone or write little reminder notes to treat yourself with kindness, love and self compassion – you can’t get it wrong.

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