Have you ever felt like you were an energetic sponge? As soon as you sense even the tiniest tincture of negative energy you’re on high alert to protect yourself?

Have you had an interaction with someone that was sad or depressed and then wonder why you couldn’t shake the feeling of sadness for the rest of the day? Do you cry at the drop of a hat? Do you experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows?

If this sounds like you, then more than likely you have the beautiful gift of being an empath. With the ownership of this incredible blessing, you need to learn some pretty intense energy management tools in order to walk through this life without letting fear rule the realm.

See yourself surrounded in white light and trust that nothing can harm you without your own permission.

Here are 7 Signs That You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

1. You feel the emotions of others

This is often triggered when you are in close proximity to someone. You might shake their hand and get a flash of their porn addiction, how much resentment they hold towards their mother or that they question their sexuality. These “downloads” always need to be met with compassion.

Empath PowerUp: Choose to reframe the vibrational message as an opportunity to see the beautiful humanity of the situation. Rise above judgment and send love to the person you’re interacting with.

2. Your intuition is usually on fire

An empath will usually be able to anticipate an outcome if something is going to work out, or if something is destined to take a detour. An empath has been blessed with the incredible gift of discernment and not only knows what is best for themselves, but has the insight to tune into what will serve others as well.

Empath PowerUp: Don’t be a pain in the bum about this gift. You risk coming across as a know-it-all and people need to be able to learn how to cultivate their own levels of discernment.

3. You love alone time

The empath needs/craves/desires the sweet bliss of time alone in order to recharge their spiritual batteries. An empath adores their own company and can’t return to a state of balance without time that is blocked out to recalibrate.

Empath PowerUp: Self-care is so important as an empath. Make sure you schedule time for yourself and fully immense yourself in the bliss of being on your own.

4. You’re a picky eater

The weird vibes of an empath can get triggered frequently by food, restaurants and how the meals are prepared. You might find yourself taking on board the energy of the food you are eating. The skilled empath will map out certain places they will eat, and certain places that don’t meet the vibe-criteria.

Empath PowerUp: Send your food love in order to raise the vibration BEFORE you eat it. Ask the Universe to bless your meal for the ultimate nourishment of your temple (your body).

5. Cemetaries are beautiful, but they freak you out

Empaths get swept into the beauty and mystical nature of the non-physical realm. However, at cemetaries, some hospitals and places where ‘bad shit has gone down’ can manifest as strong intuitive nudges to get out of there as soon as possible. Most empaths can identify a bodily sensation that occurs when they sense eerie energy. I usually feel it in my knees, oddly enough.

Empath PowerUp: See yourself protected, rise above fear and thank the Universe for the gift of energy discernment.

6. Arcades, hotel beds and crowds are challenging

Thought forms are a massive hurdle for empaths, especially in crowds. Since they tend to be overly sensitive to sounds, bright lights and close proximity to others, the empath doesn’t really like to spend too much time touching stuff that others have touched. This take Germaphobia to a whole new level, because empaths can accidentally sleep in the wrong bed at a hotel and have a horrible night sleep.

Empath PowerUp: Say a prayer (or meditation) and invocation for protection BEFORE entering into those situations. The more you are connected to the Universal power, the less your empathic super-powers will bother you.

7. You have an awesome bullshit detector

By far, being equipt with a bullshit detector is one of the best gifts that an empath possesses. The empath can smell a liar a mile away. The empath knows when someone is trustworthy or when someone is full of shit. The fun part of this equation is standing back and witnessing the energy of misleading information. It can be an opportunity to offer compassion and to use your energy wisely.

Empath PowerUp: As an empath that encounters false, fake, perhaps even narcissistic people, you have the power to send them love and show them compassion. After all, people are only deceitful when they are suffering.

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