A really frequently asked question that is posed to me all the time is: Can I Manifest Something For Someone Else?

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Many of the students in my online communities ask this question almost on a daily basis because they want to help out their loved ones. One lady’s teenage daughter cannot seem to find happiness no matter how hard she tries. Another person’s husband is in the horrendous cycle of depression due to unemployment. Also, there are countless people that want to help their friends and family members to rise up and feel inspired.

Of course it’s natural to want to make life better for your loved ones. But can you manifest for them on their behalf? The short answer is no. And here’s why…

We all have our own unique soul signature and frequency that vibrates out there into the Universe. As you might know, your thoughts create your reality and then they are bounced back to you in the form of your life experience (usually with astounding accuracy).

Let’s just say you want to manifest a brand new car for your sister. You could spend countless hours of times visualizing your sister driving the new set of wheels. You could create a vision board, meditate daily, do a manifesting ritual and yet nothing seems to appear for her. Why, you might ask?

It all boils down to ALIGNMENT.

It’s your focus, your energy, your vibration and your frequency. Sure, if your sister is in total alignment with manifesting a new car then it will of course roll into her reality. But was it you that did it for her? Nope. It’s ALL up to the individual.

The best way to support your loved ones is by holding space and sending positive energy in their direction. You must and need to allow the Universe to unfold their experiences in accordance to perfect Divine timing. Otherwise, you run the risk of lowering your own reserves of inspirational energy.

You have to think of yourself as a light-worker. You’re there to share the light and remind people of the light they have within themselves. It is an impersonal journey to manifesting our desires. Our souls are uniquely guided to map out the best soul path for the ultimate expansion of our consciousness.

When we remember our own power and remind others of theirs, that is the best gift that you could ever manifest for another human being.

With Love, Sarah xo

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