Intention setting is the first step in the manifesting process. It is the kick-starting spark and creative power that pushes our desires to be heard by the Universe so the Law of Attraction can work her magic.

Every year on New Year’s Eve I write out a list of the things (goals, dreams, wishes and desires) that I want to manifest. I set the intentions for things that I want to manifest and then the way I want to feel in the process of creating it.  This is a modified list of some of the things that I wrote down on the 31st of December 2014.

I remember sitting there with my giant pregnant belly sitting by the pool and looking up at the stars in Queensland, Australia.

I am seriously blown away by how many things on this list have happened already…

  • For our baby girl to be born via c-section in March, perfectly healthy, happy and content. Also for her to be a good size, everything perfectly in place and for her to have a harmonious soul that blends in perfectly with our family. I want to feel the bliss of having a baby, a healthy, happy and beautiful baby. (✓ CHECK)
  • To earn at least 15-20k per month from my online business. (✓ CHECK)
  • To grow my fan base on Facebook to at least 25k in 2015. (✓ CHECK)
  • To easily and effortlessly move to America by August 2015. (✓ CHECK…although technically it was early September that we arrived)
  • Move to a beautiful and luxurious new home – preferably a 5 bedroom home in a gorgeous gated community that has pool access. (✓ CHECK)
  • To buy a new car. (✓ CHECK)
  • New beds for the kids. (✓ CHECK)
  • To get a major book deal from one of the big 5 publishing houses (✓ CHECK)
  • To find great schools for the kids and feel harmonious. (✓ CHECK)
  • To buy a new MacBook Pro (✓ CHECK)
  • Upgrade my phone. (✓ CHECK)
  • Do less admin and create more space for writing/creativity (✓ CHECK)
  • Get my teeth whitened. (✓ CHECK)
  • Take the kids to the dentist for checkups. (✓ CHECK)
  • Eat mainly vegan food. (✓ CHECK)
  • Work really well with Sean to grow our business and grow a team. (✓ CHECK)
  • Buy a new bed – finally a KING-SIZED bed (✓ CHECK)
  • Shop at Wholefoods regularly. (✓ CHECK) << It’s where I do most of my grocery shopping now.
  • Go to Vegas (✓ CHECK) << when I wrote this I had no idea that I’d actually end up LIVING in Las Vegas.
  • Buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes (✓ CHECK) We sold all of our stuff so we have to replace everything.
  • Have at least 100k per month reading my blog (✓ CHECK) << last check in was 250k
  • Learn how to drive in the USA.  (✓ CHECK)
  • Get a house with a spa bath (✓ CHECK)

There is some other super personal stuff on that list that has also happened as well. It seems like life has accelerated this year to a whole new level.

So here are 7 Steps to Setting Powerful Intentions that are really important when on the path to manifesting your desires…

And if they worked for me, I’m sure they’ll work for you too…

1. Create A Ritual

Like I said. Every New Year’s Eve I write out my ‘love list’. Now I’m finding it needs to be done a couple of times per year. I like to make myself a hot cup of tea and perhaps sit outside under the stars with my journal and handwrite my intentions.

Your ritual should be personal and unique to how you love to do things. You could meditate first to get into the optimal soulful state to plan from a clear space. Whatever it is, make sure that your ritual is something that leaves you feeling inspired and uplifted.

2. Be Specific

When you write down your intentions, try and be as specific as possible. The Universe loves and thrives on specific requests. Dive into the details of the things, people, places and experiences you are wanting to manifest.

NOTE: If you love the idea of creating a ritual for your intention setting process then you will ADORE this FREE downloadable worksheet I have lovingly put together for you.


3. Get Creative

Try and think outside of the square from a place of unlimited abundance. Ask for things that might seem crazy and impossible right now, but would be awesome if they actually happened.

4. Allow Yourself to Dream

Similarly to getting creative with your intentions, you need to allow yourself to dream to a whole new level. What are the things that would radically change your life forever? Could you ask for them and set the intention to make them happen within the next 12 months?

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5. Get Into the Feeling Space

The Universe responds to your thoughts in conjunction with your feelings. When you get into the feeling space of what you wish to manifest then you actually begin an extremely powerful and sacred creation process.

You need to try and feel as if you have already manifested your desires.

Feel abundance. Feel loved. Feel creatively inspired.

6. Let It Go

The hardest part of the process is letting go of your intentions and allowing them to incubate in the etheric realm. You need to let go in order to get out of your own way. Distraction is an extremely powerful helper with the intention setting process because it helps to unblock some of the vibrational obstacles you might place in your own way.

7. Reflect With Gratitude

The seventh part of this process is to take time to reflect many months after you’ve written your intentions. What are some of the signs of alignment from the Universe that might indicate that your intentions are in the process of manifesting? This is where it gets super exciting.


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  1. Fabulous Sarah !

    1 can we share some of you with the children?
    2. Super personal…. I have been intentioning for a lifetime about my concert performing career and I am not onstage. Yet I can amplify world peace and hold space for all the children on earth. I feel stuck. Any suggestions?

    Thank you :)!

    Love and light Heidi

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