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Conscious Creation Will Only Work If You Do

There’s a quote doing the rounds on social media which I believe is a false representation of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction Will Only Work If You Do

This is making the assumption that this omnipotent Universal Law is able to be turned on and off at will. It’s important to note that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working and responding to your thoughts and feelings. There is no way to avoid the ripple of vibrational cause and effect. It’s like saying that your brain or your heart will only work if you do.

The Law of Attraction is in a constant state of is-ness. This invisible force eternally facilitates the connection between vibration and form.

Simply put, if your words and a majority of your thought forms are filled with fear, anxiety, and drama, then your vibe dial is set to attract more of the same stuff. If your vibe dial is set to use an empowered vocabulary, look for things to feel grateful about, and take the time to care for yourself, then the Law of Attraction will work with you to deliver a more pleasant experience.

Right now, this moment is a mere echo of what you have offered vibrationally first. As you move forward into one moment to the next, you need to hold the awareness that you have the power to shift the trajectory of your life through a process called Conscious Creation.

The process of Conscious Creation is something entirely different. It’s when a person actively decides to pursue and make something manifest into their reality.

For example, the Law of Attraction is the manager of the Cosmic restaurant. Your intention is your ability to select a meal from the Cosmic menu. And Conscious Creation is when you work with both the restaurant and the menu to actually have your Cosmic meal delivered to your table. Also, be assured that it will be the most delicious meal you have ever consumed!

Conscious Creation is all about working deliberately with the spiritual tools you have in order to prompt more flow in your life, release energetic resistance and actively pursue alignment with the intentions that you desire to manifest.

Conscious Creation is remembering that you have this innate superpower to draw your intentions into your reality.

So to reflect on that quote above, I would like to reframe it to be…

Conscious Creation only works if you do

It’s a choice. It’s a level of awareness that as you move about your day you have the power to guide your energy and work with the Law of Attraction to deliver a more desirable reality.

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