Defining The Divine Moments in Your Life

I believe that we quite often experience what I call “Divine Moments”. These moments are spontaneous, hit you in your heart and remind you that you are part of a much bigger picture at play.

Divine Moments usually unfold when you least expect them to. I know a lot of people would say it was when they married their spouse, but quite often those times are orchestrated, heavily rehearsed and planned. However, when you deliver a baby into the world it’s usually a defining Divine Moment. Like when you go into labor three weeks early and there is a rainbow arched over the hospital as you drive to the emergency room. The signs of alignment are too obvious to dismiss.

These Divine Moments can happen in times of sadness too. Like when you hold the hand of someone as they’re dying. Or when you watch Mother Nature sweep through the environment as a force of destruction.

Divine Moments are a reminder that God (The Universe) is the golden thread that binds us – the ultimate decision maker for the trajectory of our destiny. And that through our humanity we remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

We are ALL Divine Beings, having Divine Moments.

These moments lead us to remembering the true essence of who we really are underneath this suit of meat, bone, blood and fabric.

Divine Moments are fully grounded in the present – which is all that exists. As we worry about the bills we have to pay, what we’re going to make for dinner, how dysfunctional our families might be, how must the pain of the past has fucked us over…WE REMEMBER. We remember who is at the helm of the ship in our souls. We remember we are part of this exquisite fabric of Oneness.

Divine Moments snap us out of our lies, our aversion to wellness, to worthiness and to wholeness. Divine Moments bring us back to our most pivotal point of power…right NOW.

As a creative experiment, try listing out all of the most Divine Moments that have unfolded in your life thus far. Babies, accidents, love encounters, eye contact with another living thing, deep appreciation of art or music, food or form. Whatever it is, take time to honor the Divine Moments because when you do, more will unfold and more will manifest. xo

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