Last weekend I viewed a $10 million dollar home, sat in the driver’s seat of a brand spanking new Lamborghini, realised I’d been quoted in the same article 17 times as the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, posted a video of me sitting poolside in my beautiful Las Vegas home and I had brunch at a local casino called Red Rock with my hot man and my three babies. It was a teeny tiny snapshot into the abundance and creativity I try to surround myself with on a daily basis. I feel grateful and super blessed for everything.

However, I got slammed by a few people on Facebook saying that I wasn’t very ‘spiritual’ for surrounding myself in materialism – I was even accused of crossing over the Dark Side just for living in Vegas. And as Tay Tay reminds us: ‘Haters gonna hate, hate, hate.’

I’m just going to shake it off…

…because this was a brilliant opportunity to write a post about the way I really feel when it comes to limiting beliefs, ESPECIALLY around the theme of spirituality.

First up, we are ALL spiritual. Unless you sold your soul to the devil, are a robot, got bitten by a zombie, work at a cigarette manufacturer (I’m kidding) or you’ve woken up from being Cryogenically frozen…then more than likely you have a soul. Thus…


So here are the Top 10 Bullshit Rules of Spirituality that prevent people from seeing the big picture.

It’s our beliefs that either allow us to be in pure flow and love OR they can restrict our flow of consciousness and cause severe energetic constipation.

So here goes…

1. You can’t be spiritual AND rich

Bullshit. Yes you can. Please refer to the work of Oprah Winfrey as a reference point. She’s the boiling point for where consciousness and cash make sweet love and inspire the world.

People that are ‘spiritual’ and have a message to share with the world (and are of deep service) are allowed to be wealthy because it also means that they can help the world to wake up and thrive. It’s all about people, planet and profits. 

2. You have to meditate in a certain way or posture

Bullshit. No you don’t. You’re allowed to meditate in any way you want that allows you to connect to the Divine and get you from zero to blissful surrender in the best and fastest way possible. If you meditate when you’re in bed, or when you’re listening to Metallica (if you can) then only you get to define the shape and form that worship and prayer manifest for you in your life.

3. All bad people are going to hell

Bullshit. Bad people are already in hell – especially the pedophiles, people that eat grapes in the supermarket and the criminally insane. Also note: the definition of ‘bad’ is a moveable feast.

The other fabulous thing about ‘being spiritual’ is the concept of forgiveness. People that do ‘bad’ things are suffering and even the tiniest grain of compassion for them as human beings will make the world shine a little brighter.

4. Only specific religions and believers can get into heaven

Bullshit. Not a single person on the planet can say with 100% accuracy what happens after we die. Even the people that have crossed over the furthest can’t know for sure. My best guess is that our clump of atoms merges into Oneness and into the frequency that we appeared from. As Belinda Carlisle reminded us in the 80’s: ‘We’ll make heaven a place on earth‘.

5. You have to be vegetarian or vegan

Bullshit. Although I do believe that the vibration of our food is really important to pay close attention to. Even a vegan could eat a bowl of energetically bankrupt guacamole. It’s all about the consciousness that you bring to the food that you fuel your body with. And sending love and deep appreciation to the animal that gave its life to you. Eating and food consumption can become a prayer of gratitude no matter what it is.

6. Sex is bad

Bullshit. Sex is good. Deep, soulful love making with a person you trust with your life is also pretty darn sweet. However exploitation (whether consuming or participating), non-consensual situations or violent acts are where the lines get blurred and people turn something beautiful (like love making) into something shameful. Make sure you know the line between the two and walk the conscious path.

7. Negative energy is to be avoided

Bullshit. If you find yourself identifying that something, someone or somewhere has weird vibes then use it as an opportunity to zip yourself up and ask for protection. These situations offer the best opportunity to grow and expand as a spiritual being because your ability to tolerate is being encouraged to flourish.

8. Getting angry is a big no no

Bullshit. Anger is natural as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Just like farts, anger is much better out than in or else you’re going to get sick.

9. Marketing your message is wrong

Bullshit. Yes, I am a self-help writer and I’m on a mission to connect with as many hearts and minds as I possibly can in my lifetime. Should I not use Facebook ads to get my message out there? Should I not use certain sales techniques to make it easier for you to decide to buy my products? Nope.

I am a teacher of spirituality and I need a veichle for my message and that just happens to be marketing and sales.

10. Becoming enlightened is the end goal

Bullshit. What the hell would be left to enjoy, learn and grow from if you were enlightened? The goal here people is to always cultivate a connection and an open dialogue between yourself and the Universe. The goal is not to achieve Nirvana and create separation between yourself and everyone else, because that’s super bullshit – ONENESS and the unity of being human is the closest thing to being enlightened.

One last thing to always remember when you ask yourself if something is ‘spiritual’ or ‘the right vibration’….


Did you LOVE this? Then please SHARE IT, comment below, let me know what you thought or if you have anything else to add to my bullshit list. xo

If you’d like to know how to MANIFEST new levels of abundance into your own life because you are allow to be SPIRITUAL and RICH then please check out my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. 


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  1. I really enjoy reading your articles; they’re down-to-earth and easy to relate to, so thank you! Also, I love seeing someone who is dedicated to spiritual growth of self and others flourish and prosper, so keep it up and keep rolling in the dough 🙂

  2. Love it! Great blog and for what it is worth, I am thankful the haters inspired you for this article. Number 1 is resonating loud today!

  3. Another bullshit spirituality rule you gotta go to church to connect with God, Angels or whatever your beliefs are!!! Industry my opinion I know I can conn ct with God, my angels whenever I need them any where I don’t need to go any where special or sacred for that

  4. Thrilled to be in relationship with you. Right up there with the “starving artist” theory, the blurred and skewed concepts of dare I say, the “Jesus syndrome” are important to acknowledge and dispell whenever possible. Thank you.

  5. Hey Sarah
    Thanks for the honest blog. Whilst none of this was new information, I do love your down to earth and matter of fact approach. I’ve only just jumped onto your list (less than a week) but read it religiously as you do say things so well, and as random as this sounds, I am particularly in love with the colour of your pages! Ha ha! It draws me in and give me a sense of vibrancy.
    People need to realise, the more money you make, the more people you can help, the more money you have is a direct indication that you’re aligned with source/God/universe.
    We live in an infinitely abundant world!
    Show me the money!
    Ha ha!

    1. Sonja, thank you so much for your lovely feedback especially about the colour of my pages. So much love and thought goes into the creation of this stuff so it’s really nice when people comment.xo

  6. Ha! You nailed this one today… I giggled all the way through. Love the way you keep it real Sarah; this one is gold for the archives (& would make a fantastic book title…?… Jus’ sayin’) x

  7. That you have to sacrifice your own needs in order to support the needs of those you love. Self indulgence leads to selfishness. Sigh. Bull** 🙂

    Refreshing article btw.. thank you!

  8. i love

    I love your candour and no holds bar approach . . . So refreshing – Namaste

  9. Loved this! As someone new to admitting they are on their own spiritual journey and don’t have a clue about the “rules” this completely resonated with me! Thank you!!!!

  10. Sooooo on point. Thank you so much for writing this Sarah!!!!
    Love and light from the Caribbean.

  11. Alas! Reason has come to town. I have been accused so many times of “not being spiritual because I get angry”. That a big one.
    I didn’t know you, I started reading you more. I am a spiritual teacher as well, so I guess we learn from each other!

  12. Thanks Sarah
    Excellent article! Really resonated with me. Glad you had the courage to put it in writing. Don’t like the guilt I am made to feel for creating a happy life, being in love and successful.
    Many thanks

  13. wow, this is fantastic!

    I love your honesty, is like I am reading this article about myself!


  14. THANK YOU!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been my message for so long and I feel it falls on mainly deaf ears. I am not a fluffy bunny, unicorn farts, spiritual person. I am a damn spiritual WARRIOR and I am here to help others find their power that they already own, just don’t realize they have. Sounds like you work along the same lines. I think I LOVE you.

  15. Uh-oh. I eat grapes in the grocery store….but usually just one to make sure they are sweet. Please forgive me. LOLOL

  16. I’m constantly amazed at people’s bitterness towards the success of others. That is definetley not spiritual! Standing up for yourself, believing in yourself and making a living from something you love is all very spiritual. I highly recommend all Sarahs products, I bought them all and if you follow them you too will learn the art of manifesting magic.

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