The Soul Manifesto: 20 Things Spiritually Aware People Remember to Make Life More Magical

Spiritual awareness is not something that everyone has wired and dialed into their consciousness, and not everyone has to, but one thing is for certain…

Everyone is spiritual.

The key point to hold in your heart with soul-blazing, fierce and brave honesty is that EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS WITHIN YOU RIGHT NOW.

There is no need to rely, blame or place expectation on external influences, because the beauty of life unfolds from within, always.

Check out these things that spiritually aware people carry around in their hearts so that you can tap into the magical spark that the Universe wants you to remember.

This wisdom has been with you since before you were born and is eternal.

20 Things Spiritually Aware People Remember to Make Life More Magical…

1. They remember they are spiritual beings having a physical experience

We are so much more than our bodies and what can be seen by the human eye. We are all made up of beautiful sparkles of energy oscillating at our own unique frequency.

2. They remember the exquisite and soul-stirring purpose of life is to remember our innate connection to the Divine within

We are ALL part of fabric that binds the essence of Oneness. When we tap into this power we remember that we are playing an intrinsic role within humanity to elevate the consciousness of the planet.

3. They remember the power of being grateful

Being in a state of appreciation feels so good, it also sets your vibration to welcome in the desires that you wish to manifest.

4. They remember the beauty of the present moment

After all, the NOW is all that exists. When you remember to tune into the beauty of right now, you get to see the magic of life in action.

5. They remember that life is seasonal

And that pain serves a purpose to encourage healing. No matter what you are going through or have been through, it’s all forming part of your own beautiful and unique story of life.

6. They remember that their word is their wand

The words we choose to use hold serious power to create our own reality. So choose wisely.

7. They remember to be lead by their heart, not their head

Too many people forget to tune into how they feel and instead rely on what other people think and believe. When you move from your head to your heart, your world begins to blossom.

8. They remember that being still and meditating is great for the soul

Close your eyes for 5 minutes and allow your thoughts to drift. Surrender to your busy life and quiet your mind. In this relaxed state you begin to commune with the Divine within.

9. They remember that the Universe, God or The Force is not separate from themselves or anyone else

The Divine energy is the animating force behind everything in the entire Universe. It’s not exclusive, judgmental, or invisible – Divine energy is in EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS, especially you.

10. They remember that mistakes make us human and help us to grow our consciousness

In fact, there really are no mistakes at all because everything that unfolds in our lives is a beautiful opportunity to expand our consciousness.

11. They remember that compassion is a super-power

Especially self-compassion because we can all be way too hard on ourselves sometimes.

12. They remember to be of service

Whether it’s a random act of kindness, a daily commitment or a lifelong mission to serve others – it’s a soulful journey to connect and help the other beautiful people that share this world with us. We’re all in this together.

13. They remember to follow intuitive nudges when then appear as a sign of alignment

The Universe is always giving us signs to follow the white rabbit. The more you acknowledge these signs, the more they tend to appear as a mode of guidance from your higher self.

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14. They remember that everyone is one their own journey

Everyone is operating from their own unique version of truth so there is no right or wrong, there just is. We’re all learning at different paces and that’s totally fine.

15. They remember that forgiveness is a spiritual key to unlocking deep emotional freedom

There is no point holding on to the wrongdoings of others because you will never allow your heart to be set free. Let it go. Forgive, but don’t forget.

16. They remember to be open to all possibilities

This is a beautiful element to experience when your soul is in alignment. You deeply feel open, as if the walls of your heart have been broken down and you’re waiting with open arms to receive whatever the Universe is willing to present you with. You are willing to ‘go with the flow’ and see where the adventure will take you.

17. They remember that everyone is worthy of greatness, abundance and kindness

There are many paths to waking up, enlightenment and untangling the spiritual nuggets of wisdom that get revealed to us throughout life. One thing is for sure, YOU ARE WORTHY – we all are worthy of all good things. What I want for you, I want for myself.

18. They remember their soul family

These are not people you are bound to by blood, these are beautiful people that have appeared in your life as a reminder that deep, beautiful, loving, connection can be experienced with others that you’re not related to by birth. And I’m not just talking about in a romantic capacity, I’m talking about your soul sister and conscious brothers that are on the same page as you spiritually with the same fired-up mission and passion. You just know when someone in your friendship circle is from your soul family – your collection of ‘soul mates’. There is an effortlessness to the friendships that just feels right.

19. They remember that everything always unfolds in Divine timing and they trust in the process

There is a perfect time and a place for everything.

20. They remember that life is just the first part of a much bigger picture and journey

The only thing we can take with us when we transition into the non-physical realm is LOVE, because it’s eternal, ever-expanding and pure.

Did these resonate with you? If so please feel free to SHARE THE LOVE and inspire others to remember their own power. xo


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