6 Powerful Ways to Spark A Deep Conversation With the Universe

As we walk through life we have a beautiful opportunity to connect with the omnipotent energy of the Universe on a moment to moment basis. This not only helps us to feel grateful for whatever is showing up in our lives, it helps to create positive expectancy for the miracles that are in the process of unfolding. Our intuitive faculties are like a muscle that needs to be strengthened in order to be used to its maximum efficiency, but sometimes we tend to forget though that it’s extremely beneficial for our well-being and the expansion of our souls to remember our innate connection to the Divine within.

Here are 6 Powerful Ways to Spark A Deep Conversation With the Universe and remember that you are a highly-intuitive, powerful, exquisite human being.

1. Meditation

It’s proven that meditation has fabulous health benefits. Not only does it reduce stress levels and release happy hormones in your brain, but it means that you feel engaged and connected to a higher power. Being connected to our higher selves is so important. Whether you called it Force, Source, God, The Universe…whatever…meditation is a way to recharge the soul batteries and take a chill pill.

2. Writing

Have you ever tried surrendered writing where you take time to flow spontaneously from your soul, through a pen and onto paper? This can be a magnificent way to connect with your spirit guides or angels. Writing can also be extremely cathartic. When you allow yourself to write down your feelings, set your intentions and rant/vent in the safe space of a journal, then you free your soul up to KEEP THE CHANNEL CLEAR and welcome messages from the Universe.

3. Being in nature

Whether it’s feeling your feet on the sand or walking through a garden smelling freshly cut grass or watching butterflies flutter around you – try and appreciate the nature around you.

When you are in wonderment of it then you tune into its vibration and it becomes your meditation and ultimately a way for you to tune into the wonder of the Universe. There is a sacred element to nature that strengthens our intuition. 

4. Sexy sexy time

You’re relaxed, surrendered, fully present (sometimes) and participating in an act of love. Sex (lurve making) is an excellent way to connect with your own soul and/or the soul of your soulmate. This not only raises your vibration, but helps your chakras to become aligned to allow for more of a flow into your current reality. Many people don’t realize (or remember) how important it is to tend to this energy as it’s the primary juice of creative life-force.

5. Collecting Sacred items

The process of association to REMIND you that you are working with the almighty power of the Universe is really helpful. By surrounding yourself with things that will act as “manifesting memento” is a great way to activate your energy and the energy of the Universe. A few ideas include collecting crystals, special jewelry, or even creating ‘Abundance Hearts’ using a process that my students seem to love. Whatever it is, make sure that it sparks JOY in your soul and makes you feel open to the wondrous world of unlimited possibilities.

6. Oracle Cards



Oracle cards are a beautiful and sacred method to connect with our higher selves, spirit guides and The Universe to receive intuitive messages. The Law of Attraction always makes sure you choose the right card as a form of Divine guidance on your manifesting journey. Therefore, you’re always on the right path.

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