The way we consciously choose to begin our day can set the tone for what will unfold. This begins from the moment you realize you are awake and you open your eyes. Most stereotypical “spiritual people” will state that they start the day with gratitude, yoga, a green smoothie, perhaps a coffee enema (yikes!) and meditation. These are all great things (apart from the enema in my opinion).

But here’s the flip-side…and you can listen to it below…

When you have four children, two of which wake up throughout the night, three dogs, run your own business from home, and still need time for yourself, it becomes slightly complicated. Checking off 100% of the things on your “spiritual wellness” checklist becomes unrealistic. If I try to do all of the “right” things then I create energetic resistance, beat myself up and allow my inner perfectionist to play full out and sabotage my progress. This blocks my manifestation mojo.

Instead, I focus on what I can do. It’s gentle, soulfully integrated and celebrates the present moment.

Usually I open my eyes and glance over at my handsome husband. Sleep is precious right now, so we usually don’t disturb one another.

Some mornings I meditate. Some mornings I watch the sunrise over the red rocks here in Las Vegas. It’s so beautiful. Yesterday I woke up before 5am and sat in the rain. My meditation was watching the circles and the ripples form in the pool. I take a moment to feel grateful for my family, our home and our wellness. Then I get dressed.

Getting dressed for me is also a meditation and creative ritual. I have “non-negotiables” such as putting on organic sunscreen, a little mascara, brushing my hair and brushing my teeth.

Our two youngest daughters sleep in the same room and so this morning Sean and I went in there and sat with them for a while. We’re fully present and joyful with them. This in itself is a spiritual practice. Yes, even changing nappies (diapers).

Sean brews up some Bulletproof coffee for both of us and I’m on smoothie duty. This is usually our breakfast all blended up…

+ Two scoops of JJ Virgin’s plant-based protein powder
+ Half a teaspoon of JJ Virgin’s “extra fiber
+ 1 cup of coconut water
+ 1 cup of organic spinach
+ 1 tablespoon or either coconut butter or almond butter
+ half a cup of blueberries (or other berries)
+ a few cubes of ice

Then I take a B12 supplement, iron, collagen, tumeric, vitamin d, and a probiotic.

By this stage it’s 8am and our nanny shows up for work so Sean and I can go to our offices where the real creative energy begins to flow.

We’ve been doing something really cool lately which is to focus until 2pm on creative projects. This allows us not to get distracted by the details of admin or other numerous tasks within our business. I have been writing for 2 or 3 hours per day on my upcoming book. I start with doing my “morning pages” which is a process from The Artist’s Way.

In terms of exercise, I would love to step up my game a little more, with yoga especially. I love running and walking but the weather in Vegas has been consistently over 100 degrees most days which limits time outdoors. We have an elliptical that is helpful to get a cardio boost when we feel like our energy needs lifting. When I do exercise, I love to listen to inspiring Podcasts, interviews, and read self-help books.

All of these things add up to flowing and moving in the direction of manifesting your desires. It’s about doing what you can, consciously, consistently, WITH INTENTION. If you can do this then you can embody the energy of wellness. One little reminder though…be gentle on yourself. xo

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