Three Answers The Universe Will Always Give You To Your Questions

When you set an intention with the Universe/God for something that you’d love to manifest into your reality then you enter into a sacred and powerful dialogue between your soul and cosmic consciousness. There are always going to be three answers to your question that you must get comfortable with in order to be open to all possibilities.

This is where the magic of manifestation is unlocked.

When you are totally fine with the outcome that the Universe is delivering to you then you know you are being fully present as a Divine being. You’re letting go of the need to control and you’re opening your heart to allow your desires to manifest.

Here are the three answers from the Universe to any of your desires and why you must learn to cherish and honor them on your manifesting journey.

1. YES

When you ask the Universe for something then the Law of Attraction (the coolest concierge service ever) begins to conspire and line everything up in the etheric realm first. If your answer is a YES then it’s because you are aligned with that desire and it can easily be released from the vibrational holding space. You’ve done the spiritual work to allow it and it’s on the way.

This is why the more you can say YES in your own life means that it will reflected back to you by the Universe.

Affirmation: I allow all good things to flow into my reality. I say YES.


If your desire is not appearing into your reality it’s because there is a Divine buffer of time making sure that the lessons have been understood or embraced before the goodies can roll into your life. “Not Yet” is not a NO, it’s a lesson to cherish the journey you are on and be content with the present moment. Impatience will always get a “not yet” reply because it blocks the flow of energy from resonating into your life. The more you can ‘go with the flow’ and seek joy and raise your vibration, the more you begin to embody the beauty of trusting in Divine timing. Remember it’s always a delay and not a denial. 

Affirmation: I trust in Divine timing. Higher consciousness knows best.


The third answer the Universe might deliver to you as soon as you set a powerful intention is to be open to the concept of “this, or something better”. Too often I see people get so caught up in a specific outcome, person or place that they close themselves off to limitless possibilities. When you are open to anything that manifests into your reality as a blessing then life becomes more connected, meaningful and engaged.

Affirmation: I am open and grateful for everything that appears into my reality.

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