Here are 7 Ways To Manifesting Anything You Want. These are the foundational principles of everything I have taught over the last decade. Enjoy!

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1. Love Yourself

This might seem simplified, but it’s the linchpin for most people when it comes to manifesting. If you don’t feel worthy enough to receive, then you won’t. Knowing where to begin can be tricky, which is why I wrote my latest book called BE THE LOVE. You can pre-order your copy here.

2. Set Powerful Intentions

The Universe loves and thrives on specificity. When you know exactly what you want, then you begin to co-create with the magic of the cosmic forces. Write a wishlist of what you want and keep it in a special place.

3. Energetic Alignment

Since everything is energy, you must BECOME the energy of that which you desire. See yourself in your mind’s eye as the future version of yourself in the situation you have been dreaming about.

Florence Scovel Shinn once wrote:

“If you want a million dollars, you must become comfortable with a million dollars.”

Florence scovel shinn

4. Stop Obsessing

This is the Number #1 way that people tend to get in their own way. When you obsess about what you want is creates RESISTANCE. The remedy is to distract yourself with other things. Watch a TV series, exercise, call a friend and not talk about what you want or what’s missing in your life. Make it your mission to trick your mind into focussing on other things.

5. Imprint Your Subconscious Mind

Your beliefs are shaping what shows up in your reality – so the more you can infuse your mind palace and decorate it with the things that you want, then the more will manifest into your life. Creative ways to imprint your mind are through using affirmations or trying something like my Ancient Manifesting Ritual that has been tried and tested by thousands of people around the world. Repetition in combination with meditation is the key. It primes your mind to get into a state of peak performance.

6. Trust In Divine Timing

This means that once you have a clear picture of what you want, and you have managed to stop obsessing about that one thing, then you TRUST in the timing of your manifestations. Everything you have been through in your life has prepared your for what’s coming. TRUST in the journey always unfolding in perfect Divine timing.

7. Be Open To All Possibilities

When we just fixated on THAT ONE THING then you create resistance. When you open your heart and mind to all possibilities you actually guide the Law Of Attraction in a more potent and intense way to bring you what you want. It takes training and guidance to truly surrender to the process, but when you do and when you are open to all possibilities then you will THRIVE.

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