Why Apparent Failure Is A Test From The Universe

A few days ago one of my manifesting students asked me for some advice…

“Hi Sarah, I have finished your Ancient Manifesting Ritual but on the very last day of it I got some extremely discouraging news about what I was trying to manifest. I finished the last day of the ritual though and I have been trying to push those negative feelings aside. Do you think there was a reason why that discouraging news came on the last day of completing the process?”

This was my response…

This is really good news and a fantastic sign you’re in the right direction. One of my all-time favourite quotes is this:

“Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.”
— Florence Scovel Shinn


I have seen this time and time again where people have this happen because it’s a way to test your faith in the process of trust and surrender.

Remember, whatever happens is perfectly okay and divinely timed. Always.

I wanted to expand on this theme and talk a little more about it…

Many people get so fixated on something in particular that they want to manifest. They have such a tough time getting out of their heads, that they start to feel like they’re failing.

Their focus of manifestation could be a specific person, it could be a thing or experience etc. They are often limited by thinking too much about ‘the how’ of how their stuff will manifest that they end up sabotaging their vibration and scaring their desires off into the distance.

Also, the limitations that we place on ourselves can result in us believing that things can only manifest a certain way.

Quite often we are unable to see the big picture.

This type of thinking will always be proven wrong, because The Universe works in oh-so-mysterious ways.

Just because you want to manifest your soulmate (for example) doesn’t mean that your soulmate will appear in the way that you anticipate OR the timeframe you want. Note: he might not ride in on a white horse, he could enter your life as a person you would completely dismiss ordinarily.

So this is the key point to remember here…

Apparent failure in our manifesting adventures happens when we’re not truly open to ALL possibilities.

So here are 3 key reasons why apparent failure is a test from the Universe…

1. Cultivating Presence

As mentioned, it’s a way to strengthen your trust and force you to surrender to Divine will. Presence is cultivated when you let go of the outcome and feel happy now.

Remember: It’s ALL about the journey and not the destination.

2. Being Open to All Possibilities

It’s so important to self-reflect and see how much you really want something to manifest. However, you must be open to receiving anything that shows up and trust that it’s been sent to you from The Universe (in conjuction with your higher self).

When you really want something to happen, you must also be okay and trust that you will be fine if it DOESN’T end up happening. This can take some training, but it’s all about how to manage your energy and be aware of how you’re getting in your own way.

Remember: The idea of  ‘this or something better’ will open your vibration to receive all good things no matter what eventuates.

3. Teaching You How to Believe Beyond What You Can See

This is so important. When you believe beyond what you can see you are flowing with the beautiful vibrational essence of TRUST. You’re in active faith mode and channeling your energy in a direction that will propel you forward.

Remember: When you feel as if your manifesting intentions are failing, remember that it’s just a test to teach you how to believe beyond what you can see.

All of your frustration, your doubts and your eagerness with the manifesting process is an opportunity for your soul to grow and expand.

As you grow, stuff will appear. Your job is to feel fucking fabulous no matter what appears… because the more fabulous you feel, the faster The Universe delivers your goodies.

Have you found this to be true? I’d love to know, so please comment below. Also, if you’re interested in trying my Ancient Manifesting Ritual, click here. This is an excellent way to start playing a fun game with the Universe that you can’t lose. xo