Lovers leave, money stops flowing, pets die, relatives get sick, accidents happen and the list goes on. This can seriously shake your belief in the Universe and the Law of Attraction to the very core of your soul.

When you’re committed to your manifesting journey one of the most vital elements to have in your spiritual toolbox is TRUST. You need to learn how to trust in Divine timing and that a bigger picture for the expansion of your consciousness is in the process of unfolding.

One of my students wrote to me today expressing she has recently experienced many roadblocks on her manifesting journey thus far. She asked a really powerful question:

“How do you regain trust that the universe has your back?”

Here’s a small snippet of how I responded:

The Universe will always test people to their limit.


It’s how the trust is built between yourself and the Universe.

As crazy as it seems, your mission is to keep believing in your dreams no matter what experiences you have to endure. I don’t believe that everyone or everything has to be a reflection of us or needs to be symbolic, but you experienced this chapter and it’s now time to reset the trust button and put it behind you.

The most beautiful wild flowers grow after fire has devastated the land. The lotus flower grows in the muddiest, stinkiest water.

Just remember that you can’t have light without the darkness and timing is always perfect for what unfolds.

Another concerned lady wrote to me recently asking for help. She listed off in the email that her soulmate had just left her, her cat had died, she lost her job and someone had stolen money right out of her purse at the local nail salon.

At the end of the email she wrote:

“I just can’t seem to manifest things.”

But here’s the thing…


In fact, all that she listed in the email is in fact vital elements in the manifesting process to achieve your goals, dreams, wishes and desires.

You see, her awareness is set to “BLOCKED” because her perception of what unfolded is labelling the experience as ‘bad’ instead of seeing it as an opportunity to see beyond the illusion.

With the thousands of people I have worked with to manifest their desires, I know (without a shadow of a doubt) that seeming failure often presents itself before major spiritual breakthroughs. The key is to look for the blessing and say “thank you” for the opportunity to learn. I know it might be tough, I know it might make the resistance rise up with you, but it’s a deep and profound spiritual practice.

We need to do the following 3 things to train ourselves to find the blessings in everything to become soulful warriors:

  • CULTIVATE COMPASSION (especially self-compassion because we’re all too hard on ourselves)
  • REMEMBER THAT LIFE IS SEASONAL (some seasons will be learning curves and others will be glittery dance parties of joy).

The path to mastering this skill is not easy, but it’s infinitely rewarding once you step back and see each and every beautiful present moment as a gift. xo

MANIFEST by Sarah Prout

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