Want to know how to deal with negative people and party poopers?


Meaning, do not “deal” with them.

Want to know why? Because WE ALL sail into grumpy town from time to time because we need to in order to grow. It’s totally okay. In the personal development industry it’s often frowned upon to be negative, to talk about things that are “lower vibration” but then if you deny the role of the natural ebb and flow of energy then how do you leverage it? It’s important to remember the value of contrasting energy.

There can be magic in allowing yourself to wallow and be negative for a short period of time. When it gets scary is when you take your feelings out on other people or are intentionally angry, mean or abusive.

Most of the time the party poopers are jealous and mean-spirited because of their own insecurities.

It has NOTHING to do with you.

Many of my students, especially at the beginning of their manifesting journey, report having issues with other people around them being negative or being party poopers and they want to know how to handle it.

I gently remind them not to take it personally. The ultimate key is to remember that nothing can harm or enter your energy field without your consent. This means that you can actively protect yourself against energy that could potentially bring you down.

Everyone is on their own unique journey. Some weeks are going to be high-energy and amazing and then other weeks are going to be filled with tears, tantrums and fear-based reactions. It’s cool.

As a lightworker, you can gently guide conversations to focus on the positive. Such as looking for things to be grateful for or not dwelling on drama.

Life changes. New experiences and people show up. However, you must take inspired action and seek joy.

When you actively seek joy then the negative energy disappears.

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